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10 International Educational Platforms

10 International Educational Platforms 

etting pretty bored at home? You’ll use this ample time to find out new things. No got to go outside. We’ve listed the highest 10 educational platforms International, where you’ll take courses online.

10 International Educational Platforms

Let’s see the best 10 picks!

  1. Udemy:

Udemy is one of the foremost popular online course marketplaces within the present day. Udemy has reached more than 4 million students worldwide. They need 50 thousand instructors and experts in respective subjects, from science to business.

Anyone who wants to acquire new skills, Udemy will make courses for them. Udemy has a wide range of materials for learning. It includes PDF files, PowerPoint presentations, textbooks, and video content.


  • Free registration
  • Self-paced learning and interactive video courses
  • Udemy app available for iOS and Android


  • Very limited interaction
  • No control over prices and sometimes sells courses for top prices


No starting fee. The commission rate is high on sales making up to 75 percent. You’ve got to buy individual courses.

  1. Skillshare:

One of the most popular course marketplaces is Skillshare. It has over 4 million active learners as well as 24K specialized lessons for various subjects. Its courses include class projects, video documents, and forums for discussion.

There are four types of categories in class:

  • Art and creations: graphic design, music, fine art, etc.
  • Technology: data science, web design, etc.
  • Business study: accounts, project management, financing, etc.
  • Life-style: new language learning, gaming, fitness, etc.


  • Skillshare offers a supportive discussion forum
  • Have many courses for an equivalent price


  • Limited to only four categories.
  • they don’t provide any certificate as a recognition

Prices: You can sign up for free. After 30 days, you need to pay the fee.

  1. Coursera:

Having 23 million users worldwide, Coursera is a web education platform. It is offering high-quality and professional online training courses to everyone. It provides the chance to receive authentic certifications from renowned institutions like Harvard, Cambridge, Yule, etc.

Partnering with world-class business farms and universities, Coursera offers individual courses, specialized lessons, and degree programs. It also provides video lectures on-demand, peer-reviewed assignments, home exercises, and interactive forums.


  • A wide range of options for easy learning
  • It awards learners with degrees and certificates
  • Its educational tools and instructors are high-quality


  • It is only available for partner colleges
  • More rigid schedule compared to others

Prices: Coursera is not for individual accounts.

  1. Open-edX:

From 100 prestigious universities and businesses, Open-edX has powered more than 8,000 online courses. It has many courses for almost every discipline. It mainly concentrates on science-related subjects. These are engineering, computing, data science, math, and management.


  • It is a free and open-source learning platform
  • An app available on iOS and Android
  • Classes are interactive


  • It requires technical knowledge
  • Discussion forums seem difficult to navigate

Prices: liberal to join, but there could also be additional costs on procuring a server and system support and in getting expert help.

  1. Teachable:

Teachable is a web teaching platform that serves the everyday instructor. It provides a simple and straightforward solution for your courses.

You can upload your learning content by customizing your online school. By communicating effectively together with your students, you can build your community.


  • A simple and easy-to-use course authoring with quizzes
  • landing page editor and blogging capabilities
  • with built-in e-commerce features


  • Learning/teaching and assessment capabilities are limited.
  • Not support SCORM or TinCan
  • Customer support isn’t very responsive

Pricing: It’s a really limited free plan then goes to:

  • Basic plan: 39 dollars per month plus 5% transaction fee
  • Professional plan: 119 dollars per month
  • Business plan: 229 dollars per month
  1. LearnDash:

Although it is a WordPress Plugin, LearnDash may be transformed into a web course platform. It has transformed the e-learning platform. It requires more technical and web-development skills for setup compared to other educational platforms.


  • has rich ramification options (badges, levels, and points)
  • a drag-and-drop course builder
  • SCORM compliant
  • A built-in e-commerce capability


  • Extra costs of a self-hosted server and its maintenance


  • Basic Package: 199 dollars per year for one license
  • Plus Package: 229 dollars per year for up to ten licenses
  • Pro Package: 269 dollars per year for up to 25 licenses
  1. WizIQ:

Unlike others, WizIQ may be the only cloud-based education platform. By using your own custom-branded domain, it is great for real-time or self-paced training.

WizIQ gives webinars both for live and on-demand mode. It can be a really popular tool amongst online course creators preferring live training, coaching, or a classroom-like feeling.


  • e-Learning reporting and analytics
  • Teach during a virtual classroom
  • has e-commerce features


  • does not support SCORM or TinCan

Prices: WizIQ offers a trial for14 days. After the end of the trial, prices may vary based on participants.

  1. Kajabi:

Frankly speaking, Kajabi is a great online platform. It is a standalone media that gives tools to sell digital products and online courses.

It mainly focuses on building sales pages and landing pages for increasing sales. It also has webinar pages for your online business and advertising campaigns.


  • With built-in email and marketing tools
  • Many integrations with popular software
  • Create beautiful landing pages


  • Hard to set-up
  • Expensive

Prices: it gives a 14-day trial with a MasterCard. It has the following monthly plans:

  • Basic: 149 dollars for a month
  • Growth: 199 dollars for a month
  • Pro: 399 dollars for a month
  1. LearnWorlds:

LearnWorlds is an online platform and it is all-in-one. It gives you the power to create your online academy which is unique and interactive. By bringing everything your liking in one place, it has made the online courses easy and enjoyable.

The company designed LearnWorlds in a special way for you. It is a proper marketing tool for promoting your courses.


  • Very easy to line up a faculty
  • No technical skills needed
  • has built-in course authoring capabilities
  • A customizable course player


  • Limited ramification options
  • doesn’t support TinCan

Prices: It offers a 30-day free trial then subscription pricing plans at:

  • Starter plan: 29 dollars per month plus 5 dollars per course sale
  • Pro trainer plan: 49 dollars per month
  • Learning center: 299 dollars per month
  1. Thinkific:

Being a standalone course platform, Thinkific helps you sell and promote online courses. To make your online education business, it will give everything you will need. For example, an easy and interactive interface, rich multimedia support, drop-down menu, etc.


  • has a landing page builder
  • A cloud-hosted platform
  • 24/7 support


  • Doesn’t include social features
  • More focused on sales features instead of learning

Prices: Liberal to join with limited functionality. For professional plans, it has a 30-day free trial. The monthly prices are:

  • Basic: 49 dollars for a month
  • Pro: 99 dollars for a month
  • Premier: 449 dollars for a month

So, what are you waiting for? take your computer and start learning a new skill on any of this platform. These 10 international educational platforms will be always a better choice for you

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