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20 Education Startups To Observe In Bangladesh

20 Education Startups To Observe In Bangladesh 

n recent years, the tutorial sector of Bangladesh has grown into an enormous area of interest. In light of the Government’s ambitious project “Digital Bangladesh 2021”, technology is getting used during this area. During this article, we cover 20 educational startups to observe in Bangladesh gaining popularity at a rapid speed.

Simply put, edtech is any startup idea revolving around the educational sector. This concept may be a new concept in Bangladesh. In recent times, experiments around teaching technology, skills, and creativity are growing at an exponential rate.

Startups such as Lambada School are very famous within the USA. Lambada has tested a replacement educational model in which they only pay for education after getting employed in a job. Being an important tool, education offers a chance for entrepreneurs to create great ventures.

20 Education Startups To Observe In Bangladesh

For the past few years, we’ve seen some amazing educational startups in Bangladesh. They had gained huge recognition among the young generation students. We’ve listed the highest 20 Edtechs of Bangladesh below:

1. Robi 10 Minutes School

Blog banner of robi 10 minute school logo

It is one among the most important online platforms for education. Started by Ayman Sadik, provides quality educational content for college kids of all ages. Any student can learn any subject at any time from any place in the country. On top of that, it’s completely freed from cost.

2. Bangladesh Youth Leadership Council (BYLC)

BYLCx is the web learning academy of BYL. It is providing online learning media to equip children with leadership. Additionally, it enables them to possess a high impact publicly, private, and civil sectors by offering professional development, and 21st-century skills.
BYLC has successfully entered into the education market with a classy strategy thanks to BYLCx. It also ensures the professional development of the youth that specialize in their skills.

3. Coder Trust

It is mainly a skill development platform for people seeking jobs. Coder Trust helps both new and existing freelancers. They help to find out coding and computers by applying the microcredit model.

By doing so, it enables them to seek out work and earn from freelancing platforms like Freelancers, Fiverr, Upwork, etc.

4. Class Room

The Class Room may be a fun and convenient platform for all. Thanks to their teaching you can learn your academic courses online. They cover all types of subjects from class eight up to the university level.

5. The Tech Academy

The Tech Academy is a platform for future generations. Here, you can build any futuristic science and technology projects. They are teaching many lessons to children of Bangladesh.

6. Let’s Learn Coding

Let’s Learn Coding is an online platform for learning coding. It aims to teach and facilitate the youth. With the facility of coding and programming, this platform will help to enhance their lives.


logo of

Eshosikhi provides quality education to any student from anywhere in Bangladesh. This platform is also available in mobile apps.

8. Repto

It is a web course marketplace allowing its users to make and sell courses online. This startup emerged from GP Accelerator, in recent years.

9. Light of Hope

It is an educational company that is specialized in improving the longer-term skills of youngsters. Light of Hope has a mission to improve latent creativity, problem-solving skill, power of critical thinking , and emotional intelligence of their students.

10. E-shkol

E-shkol is a faculty management system. It gives an integrated system which is based on cloud storage. This is necessary software for any teacher, student, or guardians. E-shkol can operate from both websites and mobile apps.

11. Educarnival

It is a web platform for E-discovery, test preparation, and education resources.

12. ClassTune

It is a software for faculty management. It’s mostly designed for college kids and teachers.


Founded by Ibrahim Akbar, e-Shikhon is the largest online skill development platform in Bangladesh. The e-Shikhon offers a good range of courses and admission preparation tests for college kids unlike Repto.
Additionally to creating their courses online, they also offer DVDs for college kids with poor internet. Interestingly, it had hired 45 local IT training centers everywhere in Bangladesh.

In these, students can come to require their courses and internet facility. This is often a sensible move to use existing infrastructure to interact with more students.

14. The Tutoriaa

The Tutoriaa aims to connect students and tutors through an online platform similar to Consistent with its website, it has more than 20,000 tutors scattered across the country. They’re able to provide Home tutor service, online tutor service, and Group classes.


It helps students and their parents connect with qualified tutors online. Caretutors has tutored in additional than 12 different categories.

16. AlterYouth

It is a scholarship platform where anyone offers scholarships to students of state primary schools.

17. The Search English

The Search English is an open platform to practice English. It helps Bangladeshi students to develop proficiency in English writing. It also helps them to have a far better career in the future. Learning English to vary life – is the goal for this platform.

18. Shikhbee Shoobai

shikhbeshobai logo

Shikhbee Shoobai is both an online and offline learning platform. It helps anyone to learn technology and artistic skills. Anyone from anywhere in the world can enroll in its courses. It also gains access to our wide selection of services.

19. Shonod Edutainment

Founded by Saydujjaman Shamim, Shonod offers e-learning opportunities for youngsters from class one to intermediate. Parents can purchase their DVDs of any class or subjects paying a very little fee. It’s one among the earliest startups to enter into e-learning in Bangladesh.


The project aims to supply online education and high-quality courses without cost. They need courses in Bengali, which may be a huge advantage for rural and disadvantaged students.

The Future Of Edtechs in Bangladesh

Online education or E-learning is going to be the front-runner within the future. We have seen an ever-growing number of new Education startups in Dhaka in the past couple of years.

Among all these, some types of companies targeting schools and management, and online education. Others are going for online tutoring platforms or online test preparation platforms. A few provide after-school programs for teenagers including online coding platforms and many more.

According to statistics data from 2019, only 12% of our national budget is for the education sector, which far but recommended. If we invest a neighborhood of this into edtech, we will achieve more with less. Because they are doing not require infrastructure like traditional schools.

These 20 educational startups to observe in Bangladesh are the longer term of our nation. If we will imply an honest strategy, we surely can provide quality education for all.

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