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3rd Asia-Pacific Forum on Youth Leadership, Innovation and Entrepreneurship 2020 

In today’s world, youth leadership programs have gained massive response and significance. The youth of today are better interconnected, creative, and informed. Feedbacks on global issues have seen an increase since young people have started taking initiative.

 According to recent UNDP research and statistics, almost 300 million young people face unemployment or are underemployed, which is an indication that approximately half of the 700 million youth in the region are facing economic insecurity.

The Forum was assembled in China. This was in collaboration with the All-China Youth Federation and China Youth Daily to engage the youth in order to accelerate the execution of the SDGs.


3rd Conference of Asia-Pacific Forum on Youth Leadership, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship

The 3rd conference, held on National Poverty Alleviation Day, was the first of the conference to be held completely online. More than 100 delegates from 14 countries/ territories had participated which included young leaders and entrepreneurs.

 The goal of this conference was to discuss the contributions of the young people in the Asia-Pacific region; on poverty alleviation and sustainable development through acclaimed social innovation and entrepreneurial action. The conference had a decorated panel of speakers, youth-led startups, and judges.

Information on the conference

Date: 17th October 2020 (Saturday)

Venue: Online Event

Eligibility: 18-35 years old (Deadline ended on 18th September)

YouTube channel link of the event: UNDP Youth Co:Lab


You can find out more on- (Facebook PAge of All-China Youth Federation)


Opening Remarks:

  •         Beate Trankmann, the representative of UNDP China

Beate Trankmann has held this position as UNDP Resident Representative for China since October 2019. She has had a unique career since the late 1990s with UNDP, particularly focused on the Asia-Pacific region.

  •         Dong Xia, Deputy Secretary-General, All-China Youth Federation

She has experience in initiation and expansion in youth development and engagement programs. Her expertise lies in areas like- entrepreneurial education, education on leadership training as well as international communication. Her current position as Deputy Secretary-General for the most influential umbrella organization for young leaders and youth leadership in China allows her to be responsible for constructing international partnerships.

Welcoming Speaker:

  •         Kanni Wignaraja, Assistant Secretary-General and Director of the Regional Bureau for Asia and the Pacific of UNDP

With over 25 years of experience in the UN’s mission and UNDP’s role in the sustainable development agenda, she has extensive knowledge of the Asia-Pacific Region. Along with that, global, regional, and country-level work of UNDP- across policy, program, management, and operations.

 She mentioned during the speech, “We are all inspired by young entrepreneurs from over the world who are able to turn their creative ideas and positive energy into public ventures that make a difference.”

Key-note Speakers:

  •         Jayathma Wickramanayake, UN Secretary General’s Envoy on Youth

She was appointed as the UN Secretary General’s Envoy on Youth in June 2017. Being the youngest senior official in the UN and the first woman to hold this position, she has the vision to expand the UN’s youth engagement and progress in SDG, Human Rights, Peace and Security, Humanitarian actions. 

She spoke as the key-note speaker in the morning opening session during the conference. She commented, “Time and time again, young leaders have proven to be unparalleled in the ability to come up with solutions despite limited access to resources.”

  •         Jichen Liu,  young leaders for the SDG’s by the office of the UN Secretary-General Envoy on Youth, Founder, and CEO of Clear Plate

He spoke in the afternoon session giving his key-note address. He is the National Dialogue first prize winner of 2019 of Youth Co: Lab, China. His invention, Clear Plate is an app that rewards people for food waste reduction. This app was launched in 2018 and currently has more than 1 million users.

Youth Co: Lab Entrepreneur Storytelling:

  •         Foodmario, Nepal

Nepal’s unique platform that connects chefs, who work from home; with customers in the wide Kathmandu Valley. The chefs of Foodmario’s services have been selected by their exacting team for sanitized, tasty, and consistent quality food service.

  •         Himalayan Innovations, Nepal

They provide affordable, portable, and upgradeable solar-powered solutions to rural communities. They are based in Kathmandu. Their sole purpose is to initiate renewable and environment-friendly technology.

  •         Tasty Island Treats Fiji, Fiji

This is a sustainable Fijian youth startup. They use fresh and locally sourced ingredients. Their products are cruelty-free, gluten-free,  additives-free.

  •         DeafTawk, Pakistan

DeafTawk is an application that provides sign language translation services for the deaf community. The app is available in IOS and Android. They provided translations in sign language throughout the event.

  •         Garden of Hope, China

This is a non-profit organization. They are goal-oriented about the restoration of hope to underserved youth, children, women, and girls from urban areas with low living standards and rural underprivileged communities. Their mission is the creation of sustainable socio-economic opportunities for the youth and vulnerable populations in urban slums and rural communities.

  •         Serve For China, China

This organization is an independent nonprofit that aims to alleviate poverty in rural China. They send in resourceful and brilliant Chinese graduates from around the globe into rural areas. They use their skills in promoting rural development as well as social entrepreneurship.


10 Youth-Led startup project presentations were brought forth in the final session of the day. The projects emphasized agricultural issues, transportation solutions, and healthcare. These were judged by a decorated panel of 4. After that, a floor of discussion was held with youth leaders and innovators from the Asia-Pacific Region to share concepts and experiences on the topic of youth working for poverty alleviation.

As the conference came to an end, the emphasis on poverty alleviation and the importance of the 3rd Asia- Pacific Forum on Youth Leadership, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship had been realized and furthered in terms of progression.

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