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ACKTEC Gains $1 Million in Seed Round 

Singapore-based startup, ACKTEC has bagged $1 million as seed money from Octava. This interactive learning platform intends to expand its content to help its users learn and develop by using better learning modules. This seed round also saw the participation of a group of angel investors, EduSpaze, SEEDS Capital, and Govin Capital.

ACKTEC Gains $1 million in Seed Round

Rayvan Ho, the founder of ACKTEC, indicated that the firm has big plans to expand their reach to customers in Asia. The tech-startup will be using 3D, Virtual reality (VR) etc. to create more immersive modules and revolutionize their platform. The seed round funding will be utilized to scale up KQwest, which has a potential marketplace across Asia.  

Rayvan Ho, who founded the tech- startup ACKTEC, has stated, 

“COVID-19 is changing the way people work and learn. There is a movement worldwide to more blended and digital modes of delivery– but it may be difficult to undertake this process without an understanding of how course content should be restructured, and what technologies and modes of learning are best suited to meet the organization’s and the consumer’s needs. With this funding, we will be able to better support organizations who are looking to digitalize their learning processes, and help them transform and participate in the growing global digital learning ecosystem”

The tech startup has taken the market for a whirl by its’ specialization in structured and digitized L&D contents, creating digital learning ecosystems, introducing more content in immersive modules with interactive 3D, VR, and AR. All the while keeping the systems not-too-hard to understand, and keeping the format mobile-friendly. 

ACKTEC has minimalized the usage necessity of costly tech equipment. The mobile-friendly format has enabled the company to maintain quality throughout the increasing population of users. The aim is to gain accessibility and affordability in immersive learning for all their users. The learning spirit and self-education, passion to learn and educate is what the tech startup holds as their vision. 

The Director of Octava, Tan Ying Yong has mentioned, 

“The ACKTEC Learn platform already serves over 705,000 active learners across 16 countries, through industries as varied as transportation, education and finance, and we believe in their ability to scale and reach a global audience.”

The firm stated, 

“With the vision of automating knowledge through technology, we aim to create a vibrant innovative community that provides professional development for all educator, trainers and teachers to ensure high quality of learning for all level students,”

They also added, 

“Our Product development is typically shorter and faster than most e-learning company and our easy to use technology and product development process allow us to create our products within days. In addition, we are able to provide with our customer a high value of content curation and creation through the use of mobile e-learning embedded with 360 VR, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality features.”

To check out more about ACKTEC, you can visit their website: 

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