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Alvi Rahaman- The Man Who Is Fixing The Vehicle Of Dhaka

Alvi Rahaman- The Man Who Is Fixing The Vehicle Of Dhaka 

lvi Rahaman is the founder and CEO of mechanic koi.  has been working on the problem of car maintenance. Let’s hear the story from Alvi Rahaman.

Alvi Rahaman: The Man Who Is Fixing The Vehicle Of Dhaka

The climb is tough, but the view from the roof is worth it. Every individual’s story is different, and so is mine. I love to lead a life where I can be myself.

I was born in Chittagong. I studied there until class four. After that, I had a break of study. When I was in class five, I shifted from Chittagong to Dhaka. My mother was always concerned about my education, which was one of the prime reasons for our transfer. Then we shifted from Chittagong to Dhaka, and started my education in Ideal School and College. (Banasree Branch)

In Ideal school, I got to do different kinds of things. I was involved in various co-curricular activities. I was a member of the science club, Debating and so on. We also founded a chess club at our school. In my childhood, my studies did not result-oriented.

I was always motivated to learn everything properly. I focused on true learning rather than focusing on the results. Because I always believed that learning the concept is more important than memorizing and having a good result.

When I was in my school, I always felt the idea of doing something different, something unique and bigger. I had a business of t-shirts when I was in school. This was one of the first ventures that I worked on in my life. From my school life, I felt the urge to do something of my own.

There is also an interesting story about my childhood. I tutored the students of class three and four when I was in class seven. I stopped taking money for my tuitions at a very early stage of my life. I barely took money from my parents.

In my school life, though, I was involved in different things; still, I managed to have good grades in school. I got GPA-5.00 in JSC, and I also got Gpa-5.00 in SSC. After my SSC, I had to go through two abdominal surgeries, which made me fail my admission to Dhaka College. So, I was admitted to Government Science College.

I also had an event management farm, which I left a few years ago. This was also another source of money back then.

Alvi Rahman

My HSC result was a tragedy. I still don’t know why, but I got 4.42 in my HSC. I had a good preparation, but my result was not up to the mark. So, I missed the chance of getting admitted to BUET.

After lots of ups and downs, I decided to carry my higher study at UITS. I am here pursuing my graduate degree. One thing that I will like to mention here is that my family always supported me in everything that I have done, which is why I consider myself one of the luckiest persons.

So, in 2015 I got to know the word startup. Since then, I have worked on different ventures, but I quit them. It was not because I didn’t generate revenue of funding but because I never felt connected with that idea.

Mechanic koi is a venture that focuses on the solving of car maintenance. We are a company that is making the world a better place by adding value to the work of mechanics and a car owners’ journey. We are here to give what car owners deserve. We are giving quality time to their car.

When the Kuril Flyover was made for the first time, the traffic jam of that route was almost gone. I, along with some friends, was discussing that matter. Also, at that time, one of my relatives had a medical emergency, but their vehicle stopped working in the middle of the roads, and that time they could hardly find someone to repair their car. These things made us think about Mechanic koi.

After all those things, we developed our idea. Then we focused on making a sustainable business model, and this is how the mechanic Koi has begun.

Mechanic Koi? is trying to improve the quality of time car owners faces while maintaining their vehicle. In our country, the mechanics are underprivileged. They are devoid of proper respect. They hardly receive a thank you from us. On the other hand, the car owners also have a tough time over having the maintenance of their car.

Sometimes the owner doesn’t know which option will be the best option, or they don’t know the correct price of the parts. But here, Mechanic koi is giving them the opportunity to have the best service at a minimal cost.

We have successfully brought the traditional garages and mechanics into a systematic process. Right now, we have 200 garages that are registered with Mechanic Koi. We have been able to serve five thousand and two hundred customers, of which four thousand customers are completely unique.

Twelve hundred customers liked our product, and they also referred our services to others. We are running our operations from 2017, November 5, and from then, it has been three years, but we have made a great connection with our partners and clients.

During the general holiday period, we were amazed to see the co-operation shown by garage owners and mechanics. We think of them as our partners. We think that there should be trust and friendship in their relationship.

Our team consists of twenty-five members, and five of them are core members. Core members are Naimur Rahman, Proshenjit Biswas, Muhammed Rafeu Riyan, and I. Another interesting fact about us is we are totally self-funded. We haven’t taken any investors until now. Now we are also looking forward to dominating the B2B market.

During Covid-19, we are unable to serve on-demand mechanic service. Since it is not possible for us right now to get mechanics as soon as possible but we are open on an appointment basis. Anybody can book an appointment.

I am also the Director of Business Intelligence of Best aid. I am also working as a Social Entrepreneur. I have always wanted to become a social entrepreneur from my very childhood. I, along with some friends, have founded a venture named let’s heal Bangladesh, which is working on disaster management.

Our startup ecosystem is at a very premature stage. We are still confusing startups with SMEs. Surely both of them are entrepreneurs, but they are not the same. I believe these Ideas must be drawn separately.

New entrepreneurs must focus on empathy instead of sympathy because empathy will bring fortunes in the long term. A new entrepreneur must remember that tech is important, but that doesn’t mean that one should give his hundred percent focus on the tech. Operations must be given equal attention.

Lastly, I want to say that Bangladesh has lots of potentials. If someone is truly focused on his idea, then success is bound to come.

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