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Amazon University Machine Learning Course Free On Online
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Amazon University Machine Learning Course Free On Online 


mazon Machine Learning University has made some of its Online Courses free for the mass people. Earlier, only Amazon employees had access to these courses.

So, now anyone interested in machine learning can do  amazon university machine learning course from any corner of the world and be a part of educational technology by being enriched with knowledge. 

According to “Amazon Science,” Machine Learning is a field of Computational Science where people can learn about analyzing patterns and structures in data to help with learning, reasoning, and decision-making – all without human interaction. 

Machine Learning is used by –

  • Supply Chain Optimization Team – For improving Amazon’s product forecasts
  • Alexa Science Team – For revolutionizing daily convenience for customers
  • Amazon Go Team-To enable free shopping experiences for customers

Amazon University Machine Learning Course Free On Online

In all industries, Machine Learning, also known as ML, is famous for having the potentiality of transforming. But as demand for individuals with ML expertise greatly outweighs supply, it does have a specific drawback. Amazon, and also numerous small and big companies around the world consider this as a significant challenge.

Amazon University had built its in-house Machine Learning University (MLU) to solve this problem considerably. This university’s curriculum has been designed for sharpening the skills of people who are currently practicing machine learning

In the MLU, the Amazon scientists take classes. Also, a textbook is a must for some MLU classes named “Dive into Deep Learning.” The book’s writers are Amazon Scientists – Aston Zhang, Alex Smola, Zachary Lipton, and Mu Li. From this book, you can know about the accessible, detailed way to learn about machine learning.

Now machine-learning class’s demands are high as technology is covering more areas of business. Brent Werness, AWS (Amazon Web Series) research scientist and MLU’s academic director, said that MLU is rebuilding it’s curriculum and has further plans to transfer the “Dive into Deep Learning” into aws machine learning training classes.

Currently, three accelerated courses are available online. Before 2020 ends, nine more in-depth online courses will be added to this list. At the beginning of 2021, mass people will get all MLU classes available online via on-demand videos and associated coding materials.

The 3 accelerated available amazon university machine learning course online now-

  • Computer Vision
  • Natural Language Processing 
  • Tabular Data

MLU also has planned to address various business problems.

Brent Werness said,

“By going public with the classes, we are contributing to the scientific community on the topic of machine learning, and making machine learning more democratic.

He added that “This initiative to bring our Courseware online represents a step toward lowering barriers for software developers, students and other builders who want to get started with practical machine learning.” 

Amazon’s MLU, along with offering flexibility, is trying continuously to include important things as much as possible to take these classes and be benefitted.  So grab the opportunity! Enroll the amazon machine learning course, become an amazon machine learning engineer

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