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Angel Investments in Bangladesh 

It’s been a long time coming, but Bangladesh is finally getting on the map for business. With over 150 million people and a rapidly expanding economy, it has become one of the fastest growing countries in Asia. Now you may be wondering how this relates to investing. Well, I’m here to tell you that now might be your last chance to invest in Bangladesh before it becomes too expensive! 


The Bangladesh Angel Investors Network is an organization that aims to create a sustainable angel investment ecosystem in the country. It has been working with people, founders, and investors for the past few years to help them understand how angel investment works in the country. The network has helped many entrepreneurs and startups get funded through its various programs like BAN’s Accelerator Program, Demo Day Presentation Competition, Mentoring Services, etc.   


Most people think Bangladesh is just a developing country with nothing of interest to the rest of the world. But, this isn’t true! There are many great opportunities in Bangladesh for investment and development. This blog post will discuss some recent angel investments that have been made in Bangladesh and what they provide for investors.


What Is An Angel Investment


Angel investment is a type of securities transaction in which an investor purchases shares of stock from the company’s founders, early employees, or investors.


Angel investors are the rescuers of small startups and entrepreneurs. These high-net worth individuals provide financial backing for their risky endeavors in exchange for ownership equity, often among friends or family members. The funds that they inject can be one time investments to help a company get off its feet or ongoing injections to support it during difficult early stages.


An angel investor is someone who provides financial backing to entrepreneurs in need of funding for their new business. Often, these are high-net-worth individuals with connections and experience that can offer a lot of help while also reaping the rewards if things go well. These investments may come as either one time injections or ongoing support during difficult times when necessary.


Angels are a type of private investor who provides financial funding to startups. Angels so called for the angelic qualities they possess and their faith in entrepreneurs’ dreams, often come from among family friends looking out for one another’s best interest. But also as individuals with wealth that allows them to take risks on new ideas or risky investments where others would pass due to fear of loss. They can invest either by providing funds upfront when there is no viable product yet (known as “pre-seed” investment) or through ongoing injections once the company has built something worth investing in (also known during this phase as seed money).


How Does An Angel Investor Invest In A Business


It’s pretty easy to think of investing in a company as a game. This game is all about making the world suck less and be more transparent. And, you’re the one who has to decide how much time and money you want to put into it.


An angel investor invests money in ideas they like. They’re looking for people who are committed to their idea, smart, dedicated, strong shouldered enough to follow through on their plan even when things get tough, and an ability to show that the entrepreneur understands that everything needs to be done by somebody. Some people give out small amounts of seed capital (usually under $50k) because they’re happy with just taking an equity stake in your company.


As a small business, you may find it hard to get the funding that you need. That is where an angel investor can help! These investors are wealthy individuals who have an interest in your company and want to provide financial backing for entrepreneurs like yourself. Angel investors typically offer one-time investments or ongoing injections of capital during your startup phases so long as they receive ownership equity in return.


Why Are Angel Investments Important To Bangladesh


Angel investors are a valuable resource for small and medium sized enterprises, as they provide more than just money. Angel investors contribute their time, expertise, knowledge, and connections to the business that provides them with an investment opportunity when it comes up. They have vast experience in different fields of work—businesses such as finance or law. And, can offer SMEs advice on how best to approach these topics because other enterprise owners often don’t know where or who else would be qualified enough to give good guidance.


Angel investors are important for Bangladesh due to the high rate of entrepreneurship that occurs in this country. Studies have shown that there is a strong correlation between national GDP and the number of entrepreneurs actively engaged in enterprise creation activity. Countries with fewer entrepreneurial opportunities find themselves with lower rates of economic development, higher levels of poverty, and less opportunity for growth. Angel investors provide access to funds, mentorship, and connections for those individuals who want to start their businesses. They help seed business ventures by providing capital when it’s needed most – at the startup stage or when other sources like VCs may not yet be available. 


Angel investors are like the parents of small and medium sized enterprises. They provide more than money, they offer their skills, expertise, knowledge, and contacts in return for a piece of the company or stake in its success. Like any good parent should be – attentive to your needs while still developing you as an individual with great potential!


How Does An Investor Make An Angel Investment In Bangladesh


Standard, accepted angel investment is offered through a broker or angel investor club. There are some risks to investing in an Angel Investment group, as they often don’t offer the individual capitalization terms that you would find with a Venture Capital firm. So, it’s worth weighing potential gains against risks. 


You should also research the reputation of any groups that may be available to make investments before you commit yourself to join one that has promised returns on your investment but doesn’t have a proven track record of success or substantial achievements under its belt yet.


Investors make angel investments in Bangladesh by looking at opportunities to invest in company formations, incubators, and business owners who do not have the connections they need. Opportunities to invest usually involve long-term relationships as an investor may be asked for help with small tasks like finding office space or equipment. It’s important that investors carefully research Middle Eastern countries and understand all cultural differences before signing on any deal that would place them on the ground level of growth in a new country. 


How Can You Find Out More About Investing In Bangladesh 


If you are an entrepreneur who is looking for an Angel Investment in Bangladesh, it is not easy to find those people that can help. You need a lot of resources and connections to find someone who has the money and willingness to invest in your project. Here is how entrepreneurs can go about finding potential investors – 


  • Find angel groups/organizations that invest in startups/businesses like yours 
  • Look for investor events such as Startup Weekend or other events that have rich lists with interested investors 
  • Contact individual angels with a background in your field
  • The peak at a networking mixer
  • Offer email introductions
  • Get referrals


Why Is It Important For Investors To Invest In Developing Countries Like Bangladesh


Early stage startups in Bangladesh are among the most rapidly growing parts of the country’s still nascent economy, with per capita incomes expected to grow at an annual rate of 8% from now until 2019, according to a recent report by PricewaterhouseCoopers. The research firm noted that total gross domestic product growth in Bangladesh will exceed 8% CAGR between 2015 and 2020.

In this context, it becomes crucial for investors to invest in Bangladesh as they stand to gain maximally from this economic boom.


Investors have a huge opportunity to profit from  Bangladesh, which has seen some of the strongest economic growth in the Asia region. Bangladeshi economy is barely 16 years old, and many companies around the world are looking to invest for growth. Countries like China saw GDP per capita jump over 30% between 2009 and 2012, leading international firms across industries to recognize this burgeoning market as an attractive place for investment options.


How Angel Investors Are Transforming Bangladesh’s Startup Ecosystem


In the country of Bangladesh, many startups are striving to make a stand in their market. Behind every startup are an idea and some entity who believes it can be successful enough for them to invest in. Quality education has always been on top when considering society’s priorities; as such two friends Sohel Ahammed and S M Tanveer came up with the idea of offering pre recorded lectures at all outlets of their coaching center. This initiative would allow any student easy access regardless of which branch they attend class at or what time slot works best for them!


When they came up with the idea for Esho Shikhi, Sohel and Tanveer’s only resource was their whiteboards, but that didn’t stop them from getting in contact with a venture capital firm. They presented themselves on these boards to BD Venture Ltd., who instantly saw potential in Esho Shikhai. Since then, this company has been guiding the educational startup throughout all of its endeavors – even when it started as just an edtech concept!


Esho Shikhi has been able to capitalize on their success from the first round of investment, and this second-round will allow them to expand. Citing Bangladesh Angels Network as a co-investor in its latest rounds is a testament to Esho Shikhi’s popularity with investors.


The Future Of Angel Investments In The Country


The future of angel investments in the country’s likely to change as a result of regulation, which will be beneficial


The more people learn about how the regulatory environment works, and what they’re looking for when they scrutinize investment deals, is only going to serve them well over time. Entrepreneurs are often looking for investors who are much more sophisticated 

investors who have access to money that’s willing and able to do very large rounds. So entrepreneurs know what those kinds of angels want. Silicon Valley type angels with substantial amounts in their portfolios don’t necessarily have enough demand from inside America but they want international investments all around the world.


The future of angel investments in the country is promising, as more people desire to invest. The government has liberalized economic reforms, and agriculture plays a vital role in the country’s long term development strategy. With increased participation from diverse investors, bright prospects await China’s capital market innovation.


Finishing Up


If you’re looking for a new opportunity, the Bangladesh Angel Investors Network has been working with people and founders to help them create sustainable angel investment ecosystems in Bangladesh. Many opportunities exist here that can provide investors great returns on their investments. What do you think? Are you interested in investing your money into one of these ventures or an entirely different venture? Let us know! We’ll be happy to work out the details with you so you get everything set up perfectly – from selecting the right company and signing all necessary paperwork to helping make sure every step is legal and above board. Contact our team today if this sounds like something worth exploring further!


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