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Bangladesh Tops Several Countries in Progression in The SDG Index
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Bangladesh Tops Several Countries in Progression in The SDG Index 

With a score of 63.5 according to the 2021 SDG report, Bangladesh rises in position, leaving behind India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and many Asian countries. However, Nepal, Maldives, Sri Lanka performed better than Bangladesh in sustaining the development of their respective countries. Bangladesh ranked 5th in South Asia, while Afghanistan and Cote d’Ivoire have also shown significant progress.

Bangladesh Tops Several Countries in Progression in The SDG Index

Since adopting the SDG plan back in 2015, South Asian countries have progressed exponentially compared to many other countries of the world. The newly published report adds more credibility to the statement. 

Even during the Covid-19 pandemic, the East and South Asian region sustained their development goals and made necessary changes to upheld their progress.

The top rankings did not change much as many European countries always have been way ahead in development. 

Finland, with an 85.9 score, retains its topmost position, while the other four European countries are Sweden (85.6), Denmark (84.9), Germany (82.5), and Belgium (82.2)

Contrastingly, South American countries suffered a heavy blow during the pandemic. Their increasing poverty and rapid unemployment resulted in an alarming situation. Brazil and Venezuela are among the most declining countries, as says the report.

The fact that most of the countries dealt with unforeseen circumstances is clearly visible in the report launched by Sustainable Development Solution Network, a global initiative of the UN. Because this is the first time after adopting the SDGs, the average global SDG index decreased.

While LDCs and middle-income countries are still finding their way to compensate for incurring losses, high-income countries are in a recovery state.

As stated in the report:

“The major short-term implication of the difference in fiscal space of high-income and low-income countries is that rich countries are likely to recover from the pandemic more quickly than poor countries”

Development is a steady process, but now governments are prioritizing the safety of their people over anything. So, the countries can only evolve when the virus stops evolving. You can read more about the topic on SDG report in their official website:

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