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BetterStories: Amazing Startup Eco System Builder
Startup Ecosystem

BetterStories: Amazing Startup Eco System Builder 

etterstories Limited is a premium future development firm working in the fields of Smart Technology, Strategic Consultancy, and Ecosystem Building StartUp.  It is known as the startup eco system builder.

It is a social impact company committed to the advancement of Bangladesh and its people through entrepreneurial growth. It has three verticals: Better Strategies, Better Entrepreneurs, and Better Schools.

BetterStories was founded in 2008 collaboratively by a woman entrepreneur, a development professional, and an environmentalist to work towards an ambitious goal of creating a whole new generation of leadership for Bangladesh through entrepreneurship.

BetterStories- How They Build Startup Eco-System ?

The business offers tailored technological systems and process management concerning information technology. Consultancy services provide strategic planning, media relations, and market growth.

At the same time, they are also specialized in advising start-ups, events, and regional summits, as well as access to developing entrepreneurial environments.

All these services, however, are not supposedly generators of revenues. Despite being a for-profit company by registration, it prioritizes the country’s needs and thus often provides pro-bono services that are extremely important to the nation.

The team members believe their consultant is an investment for the future. They ‘re sharing a renewed focus on homegrown growth. They promote incubating new but ethical and green business.

In terms of startups, hard work and uncharted hours are critical elements in which BetterStories Limited has transformed into one of their areas of expertise.

They said, “We are dynamic, and play to our advantage. We had the experience, management, and network as our strength”. 

They aim to create at least 1000 leaders in Green, Ethical and Responsible Businesses (GERB) by 2021. It firmly believes in Bangladesh ‘s potential to become a high-middle-income country by 2021 and an advanced economy by 2050.

People always trust an organization by seeing its work. Some work of BetterStories also earned the trust of people. They organized for BASIS the “Digital World 2015,”.

Where 450,000 people attended the four-day event. BACCO’s “BPO Summit Bangladesh 2015” was delivered successfully, with over 10,000 attendances in just two days.

It conducted media communications for the Bangladesh government and the Bangladesh Bridge Authority on “Padma Shetu”.

The firm even planned and executed the ICT Division and the Government of Bangladesh’s “National Hackathon 2014” strategy, which was later taken into consideration to be the world’s largest Hackathon with 1,700 people.

They have also helped a back-yard poultry firm to become a socially responsible co-operative, set up an online discount membership club for Bangladeshi food anywhere in the world, and developed an outsourcing model for SME loan assessments.

Because of their working quality, BetterStories Limited has more than 80 customers across more than 10 countries just in six years. When asked how they attained such a feat, the team answered, “We sold our knowledge. We have established ourselves on the market through ethical means, through our experience, one in which it is difficult to make money.”


BetterStories has strong goals with joint service advice, governance, and risk management and total cost-efficiency services added to its portfolio, but with a steady but willing team leading it.

As every well-performing team, it has built inner unity and fiery inspiration by encouraging their own to prioritize and incorporate their personal goals into their organs.

As a future plan, Betterstories expected to have an even stronger partnership, a great startup eco system builder over 100 team members, and earn more than TK.10 crore within 2021.

They also hope they will be known as the “Best Incubator in Dhaka through their work and their name comes first when people think of business consultancy service.

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