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BYLC Ventures Cohort 2 Winning Teams Have Been Announced

BYLC Ventures Cohort 2 Winning Teams Have Been Announced 


angladesh Youth Leadership Centre (BYLC), the very first leadership Institute of Bangladesh, is an organization that provides funds for the most eligible founders of Bangladesh. BYLC ventures cohort 2 winning teams have been announced on 23 August 2020.

Every year it arranges training and competitions through which early-stage startups get selected in cohorts to acquire investments. 

The tagline of BYLC Ventures is, “We set founders up for success.” Throughout this venture, BYLC, as an entrepreneurship development program, tries to increase the entrepreneurs’ leadership qualities, materialize their ideas, and influence their businesses by making them more powerful and more reliable than before.

It’s almost a decade that BYLC has been supporting young and promising Bangladeshi entrepreneurs and their early-stage startups. With the help of BYLC, some of them have been able to start their own companies. Even this year, BYLC Venture is going to boost some passionate entrepreneurs and their startups to grow their businesses. 

This year BYLC Venture arranged the entrepreneurship boot camp online for the first time. IKEA Foundation and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands supported the boot-camp. BetterStories Limited, Hatch Global, and LightCastle Partners were the partners of BYLC in this boot-camp.

Fifty selected teams chosen over 400 applicants had participated in the three days training. Later, from those 50 teams, 25 teams got selected for receiving further instruction. This boot-camp was designed with three different aims to make the entrepreneurs and startups more eligible –

  • Workshops on Design Thinking
  • Product Market Fit
  • Building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

And other business tools.

The BYLC Venture has a target to invest in at least 20 startups every year. In continuation of this, this year, nine startups have again been selected by BYLC ventures to receive seed funding and technical support. BYLC has plans for boosting up these startups with competence, courage, and compassion. 

BYLC Ventures Cohort 2 Winning Teams

The nine selected startups went through training from various experienced and successful mentors. They also took part in the Youth Entrepreneurship Boot camp (YEB) and later won the Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge (YEC).

About these startups and their plans, short descriptions are given below –

  • Babywala ( This exceptional startup started its journey on 25th October 2018. It’s known mostly for being a giant baby & mother care products delivering store. Their main aim is to provide a friendly environment for babies and their mothers.

They try to take care of them by providing necessary elements like diapers, baby wipes, feeding items, baby food, bath and skincare products, cleaning essentials, baby clothing, toys, gift sets, medicines, sanitary napkins in Bangladesh. 

  • ( is an e-commerce platform that intends to bring a positive change in Bangladesh’s industrial supply operations.

It is trying to form a bridge between buyers and sellers by providing a hassle-free arrival since the foundation in January 2020.

Every day, people from the whole country buy branded and non-branded products from You can order cutting & welding tools, various electronics, construction equipment, auto & cleaning items, safety items, furniture, etc. from this website.  

  • Greeniculture ( On 24th November 2018, Greeniculture was founded to promote ethical and efficient farming and provide an urban farming solution.

In simple words, the main aim of Greeniculture is to make urban farming easier among city dwellers and make the cities better places, free of pollution.

Greeniculture spreads green vibes among the city people. They sell indoor gardening products, corporate greening products, fresh native organic foods, etc.

In our lives surrounded by concretes, Greeniculture is trying hard to plant trees around us and nurture them regularly. In short, Greeniculture is striving to increase green spaces around us. 

Greeniculture offers following services- Green Wedding Management, Rooftop Farming, Lawn Gardening, Residential Landscaping, Vertical Gardening, Indoor Potted Plants, Green Corporate House, Industrial Landscaping, Gardener Services, and so on.

  • Khelbei Bangladesh ( “Khelbei Bangladesh” is a unique platform for all Bangladesh sports-loving people. If you’re also a sports lover, this website will be proven to be very useful to you because this platform will let you know about every nook and corner about sports in Bangladesh all at once in no time.

You can get sports tips also on this website. Since 18th January 2017, this website has been providing virtual and physical coaching to sports lovers.

It notifies all academic information of Bangladesh to people. Moreover, you can also book your desired playgrounds by visiting this website. 

  • Porte Chai ( “Porte Chai” is the first-ever smart on-demand academic & professional skill-sharing platform of Bangladesh. University students get chances to be connected with mentors through “Porte Chai.”

You can download and use the “Porte Chai” app in your Android Phone. Download it from

If you’re a University Student, you’ll benefit the most by getting connected to 5,000 high skilled mentors through “Porte Chai.” You can solve your educational problems within a short time with the help of this smart app or website. It is considered as one of the games changing sites in Bangladeshi educational system.

  • Oditiya Delivery ( Oditiya was launched in this January. It is one of the best courier services in Bangladesh to provide the best product delivery. People at present consider it as one of the most reliable delivery partners in Bangladesh.

Oditiya will deliver your couriers at your door within 2-4 days if you live outside Dhaka. If you reside in Dhaka city, they’ll charge only 100tk to deliver your courier on the same day.

If you’re okay with getting the courier in 2-4days, you’ve spent the only 50tk. You can track your products too!

  • Parents ( is now well-known for providing high-quality web-based medical care and supportive services to Bangladesh. They try to ensure the well-being of senior citizens in the country by being available 24/7 for them.

You can book appointments for foreign treatment or get online doctors, nurses available here. has tried to imply technology positively and get you closer to medical necessities when you need them. Expert professionals of related fields here will not fail to treat you properly. 

  • FarmEX.SHOP: If you’re searching for a service that will get you the best organic products in Bangladesh, then FarmEX.SHOP can be the solution to your problems.

It was founded in 2019 and had been serving with fresh and best quality organic foods to Bangladeshi people.

They inspire people to eat fresh garden foods, and that’s why they will serve you with fresh organic foods. You can also buy dried products, fresh fruit juices, vegetables from them.

  • Smartifier Academy ( : Smartifier Academy, established in 2015, targets to enhance people’s performance at work. It enlightens the participants with soft skills training, which is results-driven too. Throughout time, this academy only tries to make people more skilled by enriching or improving their potentialities.

To enhance your performance qualities, you can check out the videos or blog posts uploaded by Smartifier Academy. These elements will give you a positive vibe to work more enthusiastically. Smartifier Academy, in short, will help you to fulfill your long-cherished dream and pursue your career as you assumed it to be!

Anyway, the benefits these mentioned startups will get further are stated below –

  • Seed Funding up to 8 Lakhs Taka for equity of 8%
  • Co-working space for one year
  • Training for the next six months 
  • Mentorship and Networking Opportunities 
  • Opportunity to receive scale-up funding up to 20 Lakhs Taka

Undoubtedly, you can also be lucky enough to grab this opportunity and start your entrepreneurship journey like the startups mentioned above with the help of BYLC ventures.

For getting your startup enrolled in the next session, you can contact BYLC ventures by sending them an e-mail at [email protected]. Or, you can call them directly on +8801958447278. 



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