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Call for Joy Bangla Youth Award 2020 Registration
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Call for Joy Bangla Youth Award 2020 Registration 

he Government of Bangladesh has been taking noteworthy steps to encourage and appreciate the young generation. The “Joy Bangla Youth Award” is an initiative taken by Young Bangla, to get the praiseworthy young people recognized nationally so that Bangladesh can get more young change-makers. Joy Bangla Youth Award 2020 Registration is open!

Joy Bangla Youth Award 2020 Registration

Before the “Joy Bangla Youth Award”, there was no significant award to honor the young people who are the achievers of Bangladesh. This platform provides them with opportunities to connect with the government more and get financially established and earn fame.

The “Joy Bangla Youth Award” winners of 2015, 2017, and 2018 have got the advantage of doing internships with the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics, Energy and Mineral Resources and Foreign Affairs, Ministries of Power, ICT Division, and many more recognized sectors of the Government. They have also received opportunities for training, internships, brand ambassadorships, etc. and this list goes on and on.

During November 2014, “Center for Research and Information” (CRI) founded Young Bangla to establish an enriched Bangladesh. From 2015 Young Bangla has been inspiring the youth of Bangladesh by giving away the “Joy Bangla Youth Award”. Young Bangla is now a well-known platform in the country with 15000+ volunteers, 200K+ members, and 300+ organizations. 

More than 2,500 organizations had registered for the “Joy Bangla Youth Award 2018”. The top 10 among those organizations received the award. Prime Minister’s Information and Technology Advisor Sajeeb Wajed Joy awarded the winning organizations by himself. 

This October, after 2015, 2017, and 2018, for the fourth time the selected creative youth of Bangladesh will be receiving the “Joy Bangla Youth Award”. Registration for this popular award is now going on. So don’t let go of this useful opportunity to be a part of the biggest national platform of Bangladesh

Joy Bangla Youth Award 2020 Registration Eligibilities:-

  • Your age must be between 18 to 35 years.
  • You must be a Bangladeshi Citizen.
  • Your organization has to be about these 14 functions: Child Rights, Women’s Empowerment, Anti-Drug Awareness Drive, Environmental and Climate Change, Healthcare, Renewable or Green Energy, Cultural Initiatives, Disaster Prevention, Social Change, Youth Development, Empowerment of Poor, Backward People or Disabled People, Education Awareness, Emergency Action to combat COVID-19.
  • Opportunity Benefits of taking part –
  • If your institution is regarded as one of the best institutions of Bangladesh, then you will receive the “Joy Bangla Youth Award 2020”.
  • The winners will be receiving awards from Sajeeb Wajed Joy, who is the Information and Technology Advisor of the Prime Minister of Bangladesh
  • Various news media will publish your organization’s name which will bring it under the limelight undoubtedly, that’s how your organization will regain much popularity. 

Registration Link: 

Deadline for Registration: 5th October 2020

The winning prize has not been announced yet. 

Only one week is left for the registration of one of the most prestigious awards of Bangladesh, which is absolutely free of any charge. So don’t sit idle, register your name and start taking necessary preparations. For more details about “Joy Bangla Youth Award 2020”, you can visit 

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