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Call For Nation| National Platform To Energize Young Innovators
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Call For Nation| National Platform To Energize Young Innovators 

angladesh is facing the threat of COVID 19 on a monumental scale. This lock down has severely disrupted the lives of all. Within the present and post Covid19 world, every sector, from healthcare to education to housing to provide chain, will need renovations. With this vision, the Nation program started.

What Is Involved In The Call For Nation?

We are witnessing the catastrophic impact of a worldwide pandemic, the COVID 19. This tremendous crisis has led the planet to require collective actions to guard billions of individuals against getting infected.

We’ve to save lots of many affected patients from imminent death, salvage crumbling economies and address challenges ensued from massive disruption of citizens’ lives. Everything warrants redesign and realignment, so lives can revisit to normal.

Act COVID, a national platform, started so as to gather ideas and business solutions. From talented and innovative entrepreneurs especially youth, ideas will address the challenges ensued from this pandemic. This is a collaborative event of the ICT division of Bangladesh and Startup Bangladesh.

To learn more:

Event Details

The call for the nation was launched on 12th March 2020. The official website opened the submission form on 16th March. The initial deadline was on 21st April. But thanks to an enormous response, they extended it to 10th May.

The program was open for the children, aging from 19 to twenty-eight years. Covid19 is changing the history of mankind. How will you employ this chance to vary your life and therefore the lives of others? – The tagline of the event.

After confirmation, they asked to submit innovative ideas and business solutions to fight the crisis. This collaborative platform has been supporting through prototype to plug access. With vast access to mentors, logistical support, funding, and other critical networks, the event generated some great ideas for solutions.

The main focus was on technology and business. The thought submission closed on 21th May. Quite 100 ideas were submitted to the present event. The judge primarily chose some ideas for a showcase.

The chosen ones were uploaded on the official website for voting. The ultimate result was published on 15th June. The program was broadcast to survive the ICT Facebook page and YouTube channel.

The Judges

The submission was posted for involved nations, judged by prominent experts in their representative fields. The choice was wiped out in two phases. Firstly, the winner and runner-ups of the themes were selected. Within the second phase, the ultimate winner was chosen on the idea of judgment.

National Jurors:

  1. Rubaba Dowla
  2. Tina Jaben
  3. Jahidul Hasan Mitul
  4. Farjanah Chowdury
  5. Ruhul Amin Shojib
  6. Syed Ishtiaque Ahmed
  7. Syed Gousul Alam Shaon
  8. Md. Nuruzzaman
  9. Tarik Adnan Moon.
  10. Dr. Md. Forhad Rabbi
  11. Mahboob Zaman

Theme Jurors:

  1. Nirjhor Rahman
  2. Mustafizur R Khan
  3. Fayez Ahmed
  4. Bijon Islam
  5. Barrister Anita Ghazi Rahman
  6. Minhaz Anwar

The Themes

The themes focused on major problems arising from the continued lockdown. There has been a complete of six themes for submission:

  1. Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Population

A large portion of state aid is believed to be suffering from corruption at the grassroots level. Many of us want to supply financial help or food support to those vulnerable people. But thanks to the shortage of a reliable platform, they’re unable to try to make it.

  1. Business Operation And Production

Workers are likely to lose their jobs receiving half the salary or no salary in the least. Most of the orders within the Ready-made Garments Industry are canceled. But albeit some orders are still in situ, keeping the clothes open under current situations, the health of the workers is at great risk.

  1. Access to Information (A2i)

According to data from IEDCR, the virus is now at the stage of community transmission. During this situation, there’s a high risk of transmission of the corona virus throughout the country. Therefore, a mechanism or tool must be created so that the number of victims.

  1. Health Care Equipment And Treatment

Ensuring citizens’ health care may be a major responsibility of any state. The healthcare sector within the country is under major pressure under the pandemic situation. Despite having no government instruction, many private health care institutions are closed. Many of us are unable to follow their normal healthcare routine.

  1. Mental Health

This pandemic has created stressful situations for several folks. This will cause many health issues.

  1. Open Ideas

Participants can give their unique ideas regardless of the above themes.

The Final Result

From the web site, we found the subsequent winners of the programs:

  1. Socioeconomically disadvantaged population: Shujog, a virtual operational network
  2. Business operation and Production: Landknock
  3. Access to Information: Nirapod
  4. Health care Equipment and Treatment: Powered air-purifying respirator
  5. Mental Health: Moner Bondhu, the first-ever psychological state app.
  6. Open ideas: Long-distance disinfection procedure

In The End

Call for the nation may be a great initiative to restructure Bangladesh’s current situation. This type of program should be conducted more within the future. We are looking forward to seeing the brilliant ideas into reality.

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