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Chorki Search Engine: Search Anything in Bengali

Chorki Search Engine: Search Anything in Bengali 

horki is one of our traditional and historic toys in Bangladesh. On many traditional Bengali occasions like Pohela Boisakh, Pohela Falgun, Poush Sankranti we used to go to the local fair, and Chorki or Nagordola is our favorite item to enjoy a ride.

In this modern time, the word chorki is no longer considered as a traditional toy, now Chorki is a well-known Bangladeshi search engine which is developed by our very own Bangladeshi people.

Chorki Search Engine

Within a short time, Chorki has gathered a sufficient number of users and significant transactions among Bangladeshi users. It has excellent potential to be the Google of Bangladesh or even more.

A survey from 2014 says that “Google dominated the worldwide search market with 88.2% of its market share”. So it is challenging for any other search engine to defeat Google, But Chorki is making significant progress locally.

Moreover, there are so many local search engines which are providing good service in many countries. As an example, China also has a local Chinese language-based search engine, and they are used to it. And this Chinese search engine has achieved more than 83% of market share in the Chinese market. 

However, the marketplace of Bangladesh is not that big, but they are doing very well. Chorki is a search engine where we can easily search Bangla contents all over the world. It is the first search engine that is serving the product search queries in Bangla for that it becomes more straightforward and understandable for the people of our country. 

So here we are going to help you by sharing some experience that, how Chorki started, where it wants to be in the future. This article will enlighten you with many exciting aspects of our very own search engine Chorki.

Initial Stage of Chorki

Chorki is basically a search engine for local e-commerce, which includes local psychology, culture, and a variety of lifestyles in its platform. The CEO and Co-founder of Chorki is Zahidul Amin. This search engine launched in May, 2015. So far, Chorki has raised funds from Malaysia VC firm and mind initiative

Currently, they have many skilled employees who are dedicated to their work. The team always worked hard to make them a successful startup and help the local entrepreneurs all over Bangladesh to promote their business effectively online. 

However, there is a slight difference between chorki and Google because “Chorki search engine always wants to remain business-focused as far as possible”. In the context of google’s market share survey in 2014 Zahidul Amin said that,

Chorki is a local search engine for various Bangladeshi contents. One can easily search in Bengali language and can get an immediate result as per searching. We are working hard to make the search option more locally oriented and culturally accessible”.

Moreover, chorki has also the option for searching that is “food and restaurant search” to help their users to search their nearby restaurants and best-recommended foods. The users can also search News, products, places, jobs etc. 

The team of Chorki believes that Bangladesh has a great opportunity in the site of e-commerce for that they built an e-commerce site Chorki-e-shop. This amazing platform will help the entrepreneurs to showcase their products to their potential customers. So it allows us to start our business any day effortlessly.

Why Use Chorki?

The matter of fact is that Chorki is not a substitute for Google, but it is a revolutionary idea and basic need for us as a developing country. Using a search engine which allows our native language and shows the contents in Bangla is such an essential thing for us. 

We know Google needed more than 17 years to reach this place. So, if we appreciate our own people’s initiative and if they have us in their back, then they will provide us with extraordinary services like Google or more than that.

However, when we search in Chorki, it gives us the filtered content regarding whatever we are finding. Suppose the newspaper is an example – when we search for the newspaper, it will show us live update news of all major Bangladeshi newspapers and various news sites or sources.

Moreover, if we consider product search – it will give us the exact product description because they are adding local e-commerce sites. So, after watching our desired product online, we can directly go to the website and be able to purchase the product. Even Google can’t be able to provide this service.

So if you are a Bangladeshi and looking for some local products, News or restaurant, and food, then Corki will find you the exact result you are actually looking for.

How’s the Response of the Users

The response of the users is really amazing and surprising for the team Chorki. An excellent number of traction generated in a concise period of time and this is a great achievement for them. For this glory, local media really help them very much to reach users all over the country. In such a short time, they never think of it.

After August,2015 on a daily basis, they had achieved more than 5000 search history in Chorki. This number is not huge, but for an initiative that was an incredible figure indeed. Very soon they also upgraded their rank and surprisingly saw that many people are using Chorki as their regularly usable search engine.

However, if many people use it, the team will be better in data management and be able to understand the user’s preference and capability. If the thing goes in this pace, they will work with behavioural data very soon, and that will be an excellent feature for analytics which will help them to go forward with geo-targeting.

Challenges Through the Path

The first challenge Chorki faced is the language barrier. If they started their journey with the English language, they could simply follow the existing many MO sites. As a Bengali search engine, they didn’t have any resources to observe. For that, they had to develop everything from their scratch. Conducting first and then implementing the process slowed down their pace somehow.

The second challenge for them was the expense. Developing a search engine is not a simple task and also expensive. It takes a very long time to generate revenue from a search engine. Many investors also lost their patience to wait. It takes more than a year to reach a million number of search transactions. When chorki reached more than 5 million, it started to earn a pretty good revenue finally.

Luckily Chorki has the partners who have enough trust and understand all the issues. For that, they have the freedom to research more and be able to bring the best result for their users. On the other hand, currently, Google holds the majority of market shares that is 90% in Bangladesh. So, it is hard for them to gain a share of this particular piece of the pie.

However, overcoming this challenge chorki wants to show that they have the potential and excellence to reach more users rather than Google in the whole country.

Future Initiatives

Right now, the primary target for Chorki is to take its web search capability to a higher level. They already have the product searching capability, and as soon as possible, their new update will give us an instant update about the latest News.

Their new update will also give us the detailed product description as an example you can find which shops are selling books in Aziz supermarket.

Next, they want to refine their web search and develop the ranking system so that they can generate their own ranking and analytics, similar to Alexa or Google Analytics. It will be possible if they have a strong web search system so it is one of their primary steps.

Apart from this, it also wants to add the job and cricket search category in the search option. When people search for cricket, they will show not only the latest result but also the cricket environment of Bangladesh. They will add extraordinary graphical representation, player’s career history, and even match predictors.

Moreover, when people search for jobs, it won’t show you the job list only but will connect the job seekers to the page of employers. They also want to include BD jobs, Prothom Alo jobs and organization to make a fabulous one-stop job portal. So, team chorki has many upcoming steps to be hopeful.

In The End …….

A Bengali search engine was a need for us as Bangladeshi people, and Chorki has fulfilled our requirements amazingly. The way a local search engine can display a culture of a local region and the specific need of the local citizen can never be possible for an international entity

Moreover, a search engine provides not only an instant solution but also creates vast opportunities for new entrepreneurs and contributes directly to the country’s GDP as an important part. For that chorki wants to be the leading search engine of Bangladesh which is able to introduce us with Bangladeshi culture, phycology, lifestyle and substantial results in a new form.

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