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Cloud Kitchen Business In Bangladesh: The Next Big Opportunity?

Cloud Kitchen Business In Bangladesh: The Next Big Opportunity? 


othing has ever been so fun like eating in a restaurant. Eating in a restaurant is enjoyed by all classes of people. Generally, people eat in the restaurant whenever they get chances. Where cloud kitchen business in Bangladesh is a little bit different thing.

Some people go to the restaurants to eat, some to enjoy the ambiance, and some to just spend time with the loved ones. It could be a marriage anniversary or the Bayern Munich’s victory by 8-2 against Barcelona or getting GPA-5.00 in SSC or HSC.

Whatever the reason, food is a major factor in people’s going to restaurants. If the taste is good then people will surely go there. If the food isn’t up to the mark then surely the restaurant will have to battle to fight.

Cloud Kitchen Business

Food is the major and the most important factor for a restaurant. What if you are tired today due to all the assignments you had to do?

You just had a rough day in your office and you are not interested to go to a restaurant but still you would like to have something different than having mashed potatoes and steamed rice at the house.

What if you are a housewife and you are pretty good at cooking, you have plenty of leisure, and you want to do some earnings too but you do not have any finance right now to open a restaurant or you don’t think that running a restaurant is not your task.

If the cases mentioned above are your situation then trust me, cloud kitches are going to be the solution to your problem.

Cloud Kitchen Concept

The concept is very simple to understand. In simple terms, think of a restaurant where you don’t have to go to the shop, the only thing you can do is order food from here and the ordered food will be delivered to your doorstep.

This is basically a virtual kitchen. The concept of a cloud kitchen is becoming very popular day by day. In fact, in Bangladesh cloud kitchen concept has become very popular, especially during this pandemic COVID-19.

Business experts are considering the cloud kitchen to be the future of restaurants. In the cloud kitchen system foods are prepared generally at home or a separate kitchen house.

People order can order the food from a cloud kitchen by an app, a website, or just by dialing a number. After that, the food will be delivered to the doorstep of the customers.

Business Model Of Cloud Kitchen

The cloud kitchen business model generally follows B2C. That means, the customer can directly buy food from the sellers. What’s common most is people usually do cash on delivery in Bangladesh.

Order Comes From Buyer With Some Advance Payment/ Cash On Delivery

However, in the case of Cloud kitchen, advanced booking money has to be paid in most cases. Only a little portion of the full payment has to be paid as advanced. Another thing that’s being followed nowadays is the order must be done two or three days before the delivery date.

Though the advance payment system is mostly followed, cash on the delivery system, instant delivery system, and so many business models are followed in our country but the number of cash on delivery system and instant delivery is very low.

This is due to the risk of order’s getting canceled. However, the Cloud kitchen is getting popular day by day in Bangladesh. Meaning of cloud kitchen isn’t only an on-demand service it could be a monthly service too.

Some companies deliver food to the staff of the office on a monthly basis in our country. From this context, The meaning of a cloud kitchen means a place or kitchen where one can order food according to his requirement and there will be no dining in service.

cloud kitchen business model

Delivery From Third Party Courier Service

Delivery system A regular, delivery system like Redx, Pathao, and E-courier is doing great in our online business community. These third-party delivery services have added new dimensions to the online business community.

The delivery system is one of the most daunting and difficult tasks. However, Food delivery services like pathao, food panda, and so on are doing the task in our country. The delivery service that has another dimension Food Panda cloud kitchen system.

Even after all these things, the delivery system is the biggest challenge cloud kitchen systems are facing in Bangladesh. Spoilage of food during delivery service is one of the major problems. However, Research and Development must be done in order to improve and develop this sector.

Platform For Cloud Kitchen in Bangladesh

Food Panda has recently opened a place for cloud kitchen where people can simply register and start selling the foods they cook. It has added another dimension to the cloud kitchen service.

Again, there are platforms only for cloud kitchen services in Bangladesh. One of them is LiveGreen Bangladesh. It is a platform for the cloud kitchen which can be termed as the UBER for cloud kitchen services.

Live Green Cloud kitchen business is slowly changing the ecosystem of the cloud kitchen in our country.

Cloud Kitchen  Business In Bangladesh

As mentioned earlier cloud kitchen in Bangladesh is becoming popular day by day. Women are the majority that is involved in the cloud kitchen system. Faisal Ahmed, a young food enthusiast said.

“Cloud kitchen in Bangladesh is totally a new dimension for the foodies present in Bangladesh. I often order foods from the cloud kitchen. So far, the experience is quite good but there are also some bad experiences which I believe due to the unfortunate luck. Otherwise, people who are running a cloud business, are doing great. But they should focus on the delivery time and payment method.”

In our country cloud kitchen has focused more on fresh and safe food providing. They are promising to provide foods that are good for health, freshly baked, and also a unique taste.

Baking items especially, Theme cakes are one of the most popular items that are found in the cloud kitchen system. Mahjabeen’s bakery, sweet daisy, swapno ferry, prothoma kitchen, Joya’s bake n joy, and Punniz kitchen.

So far customers are satisfied with the services of these cloud kitchens, another new cloud kitchen’s owner Shaila Alam Chaity is running a Facebook page named Al faan.

According to her,

“I’ve always wanted to do something of my own. I have never wanted to do a job under anyone. I wanted to create my own brand value. As I’m a practicing Muslim I always have wanted to do something from home. The Cloud kitchen system concept has provided me the opportunity to do something of my own.”

Since there are a lot of women out there who can not participate in earning money due to their responsibility towards their family or due to their children’s upbringing, the cloud kitchens business concept has provided these housewives to get involved in earning money and contribute in the national economy.

So, in short, the cloud kitchen is a totally new concept in our country. Though it’s appearance in our country is totally new, it has started to become popular day by day. Moreover, people are loving the concept too.

Still, there are problems which have to be solved as soon as possible. The delivery time, payment system, and delivery systems have to be developed as soon as possible. The Cloud kitchen is regarded as the future of restaurants in the whole world as well as in Bangladesh.

Cloud kitchen business sector in our country has not only empowered women but also added another dimension to the life of a woman. During this pandemic, COVID-19 period, the cloud kitchen has become the most popular way for food enthusiasts.

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