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Community Driven Investment and Acceleration for Impact Makers
Startup Ecosystem

Community Driven Investment and Acceleration for Impact Makers 


ith the VC Community’s association, Citypreneurs is going to arrange a community-driven accelerator for Startups in Asia. They have named this acceleration program as “Impact Collective.” 

Behind organizing this excellent accelerator, Citypreneurs aims to arrange investments and opportunities directly for the interested and eligible startups of the whole Asia continent. 

Through “Impact Collective,” startups of Asia will be able to get investors and financial supports more easily. This accelerator will surely be a connecting bridge among the global challenges solving startups.

Hopefully, it will also improve the startup ecosystem in Asia by providing a positive impact. 

Community Driven Investment and Acceleration for Impact Makers

An important timetable of “Community Driven Investment and Acceleration for Impact Makers” –

  • Applying Time Limit: 25th May to 5th September 2020
  • Deadline for Applications: 5th September 2020 (12:00 AM IDLW – The World’s Last Time Zone)
  • Participants Onboarding: 15th to 20th September 2020
  • Welcome Call to Participants: 23rd September 2020
  • Impact Collective Camp: 29th to 30th September 2020
  • Final Pitch: Mid December 2020
  • About Investments: Through “Community-Driven Investment & Acceleration for Impact Makers,” almost 5-10 Startups will receive $50K to $500K per team, which will be regarded as “Program Investments.” Again, through “Fast Track Investments,” 10-15 startups will be getting funding from $25K to $100K.

To know about the judging panel of “Impact Collective 2020”, you can visit 

However, this accelerator happening in Asia is going to have some specific themes. The themes are stated below –

  • Green Energy and Environment 
  • Circular Economy and the future of Waste Management 
  • Sustainable Agriculture and Food
  • Future of Work and Economic Growth
  • Inclusive Health and Quality of Live
  • Digitalization for equal opportunities for all
  • The uniqueness of “Impact Collective” –

Cross – Border:

This accelerator is going to be organized by having partners in four individual cities of Asia and the Pacific – Bangkok, Thailand | Singapore | Seoul, South Korea | HCMC, Vietnam.

The startups attending this accelerator will be able to explore the cross-border market and receive supports. This situation will also allow them to form meaningful relationships and international connections crossing the borders and access to the region’s innovation ecosystem.


Only startups that are creating change in the startup field are accepted in this accelerator. So if you are one of those startups that are solving global challenges by providing food security and sustainable livelihood to people.

If you are involved in environmental innovations, you’ll be welcomed warmly in the acceleration program. Just in simple words, you must have a working prototype or products to get accepted by Citypreneurs.


Through the “Impact Collective,” any startup will join the community of industry experts. They’ll get in touch with numerous investors, entrepreneurs, and potential users. Startups will have the full scope to grow their potentials throughout the accelerator.

So, if you’re one of those Asian people who have startups and finding chances to grow your startup, searching for investors, this accelerator is going to be a great platform for you indeed.

Grab this opportunity and, without any delay, register for “Impact Collective.” For more pieces of information, make sure you visit and for registration, visit 


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