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Components To Include In Your Startup Presentation Pitch 

If you’re looking forward to launching a new startup, you need a good presentation pitch? This article will let you know which components can be included to make your startup business presentation pitch worthy. 


An impressive pitch presentation is a key to starting a startup business. Also, you can have a clear idea of how you want to navigate your startup. Typically, it is difficult for investors to understand the idea of a startup business

Also, it is difficult to create a beautiful presentation pitch by making it meaningful. A pitch presentation should be such that it can catch the attention of investors in a short time. So, we need to have a clear idea about what works and what doesn’t in presentation pitches. 


Are you ready to secure financial investment for your startup? Let’s learn about the top 10 components to include in your startup presentation pitch!

A Well-built Vision

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could explain your entire business plan to investors in a nutshell? It is a thing to quickly present the overview of your business and the value that you provide to customers. 

Here, a short and simple presentation about your startup business will be able to attract your investors. A short tweet can be used here to explain your whole business model. For example:


“We Are Like Netflix For Video Games”


“We Are Like Amazon For Bike Lover”


Those catchy taglines spark curiosity. This can work. But keep in mind that these types of comparisons make sense. The purpose of the presentation pitch is to attract investors. If you can do it in the beginning, it will be much easier to explain the rest. 

A Unique Value Proposition

The value proposition is something that a company promises to its customers by ensuring the quality of its products. A value proposition gives an idea of what the startup business is all about what it plans to operate. Your value proposition should demonstrate how uniquely and individually qualified you are to address customers ’pain points during your startup. 

If your industry is a bit crowded, has your startup unlocked unique solutions or discoveries? How is your startup located to achieve massive growth? These types of questions may come to investor’s minds. Displaying a clear chart and fluent answers to these questions can take your startup pitch presentation to another level. 

The Business Model

No matter what your startup business plan is, in a pitch presentation, you must talk about how it makes money and how it will increase profits. If an investor even wants to invest in your business, he may want to know how to get this money back with profit. And actually, there is nothing wrong here. All you have to do is add a tidy plan in the pitch presentation that can reassure the investor. 

There is a quote by entrepreneur Steve Blank,

Startups don’t fail because they lack a product; they fail because they lack customers and a profitable business model.” 

So, making plans for a perfect business model is very important. It easily impresses the investors, also the pitch presentation can go one step ahead.

The Problems You Want To Solve

If you are thinking of a startup business but are not on the track to solve any market problem, you are far behind in this commercial competition. When you are about to launch a startup business, you need to have a clear idea about the problem that you are looking to solve. 

You need to find out what problems are there, what customers are doing, why they are suffering. You can talk about all these issues based on your plan. But keep in mind that you can present the problems to investors logically. You can create a slide in the pitch deck presentation on this topic. But remember, do not spend time on the solution – you will have a chance to do that later on. 

The Solid Solutions

Finally, you will get a chance that you can discuss your product in this slide. Remember that we forbade you to discuss the solution in the previous slide? Yes, our effort is to help you create an ideal pitch deck. Now, make a slide here from which you can describe how customers will use this product and how it will solve customers’ problems. In this slide, you can discuss the solutions to the highlighted problems from the previous slide.

An entrepreneur should be most focused on this part because the main goal of investors is to know how your product will impact the market and how it will make profits. Add pictures and charts about your plan so that you can tell a better story! 

A Strong Goal

How is it important to have a strong goal in your startup business? Goal is powerful and a strong goal boosts your confidence. Goals help you to promote a sense of self-control and align your focus. Ultimately, you need to manage and measure as well as improve the management itself. 

Goal setting can help you do these and more.  So, in a pitch deck, you must include your business goal. This slide should be displayed in such a way that makes a realization of how strong your goal is about the startup. This can surely work! 

The Target & Marketing Strategy

Use this slide to expand on who will be your customers in this business or who needs these products the most. You can add it to the pitch deck by targeting them and showing the plan chart to provide a better service. 

On the other side, a Marketing strategy is a comprehensive plan designed specifically to achieve the organization’s marketing objectives. It provides a blueprint for achieving these marketing objectives. It helps an organization to make the best use of its organizations so that its target market can deliver sales messages. 

So in this slide, your focus will be to explain the target market and your planned marketing strategy to the investor. You can also discuss your competitors a little. This slide has to be done very seriously so that your plan seems convenient.  


A Tidy Professional Plan/Roadmap

A business roadmap indicates a company’s major object and strategies. Like the business model, a roadmap gives an idea of where your startup business will go, how it will go, and what it will gain. Now, in this slide, all you have to do is present some impressive and effective answers to these ‘Where’, ‘What’, & ‘How’ types questions on your pitch deck

A tidy professional plan is needed to impress the investors. You can use this slide to talk about your milestones. About the big goals, you have achieved so far in your journey and your upcoming plans that you want to achieve. A roadmap for a product or startup business that can outline notable milestones is helpful in this case. 

Your Diligent Team

Businesses thrive when they have qualified diverse people who can contribute to different ideas and innovation. Collaboration within a team can help solve difficult problems. A great opportunity for the brainstorming team to exchange ideas and come up with creative ways to do things. By working together with teams you can find the best solutions that work best. 

So, in this section, you have to show investors that you have such a team for your startup business. Even if you can not get your team yet, come up with some confidence about completing it so that investors think you are capable of it. 

The Investment Utilization

Investors will expect to see your finances. It includes sales forecasts, earnings statements, and cash flow forecasts for at least three years. However, for your pitch deck, you shouldn’t have an in-depth spreadsheet that will be hard to read and swallow in presentation format.

Limit yourself to a chart that shows sales, total customers, total spend, and total profit. You should be prepared to discuss the underlying assumptions you have made to reach your sales goals and your cost drivers.


Remember to try and be realistic. Investors will always be bound by their commercial thinking and mentally cut your plans and guesses in half. If you can already explain your growth based on your respective trades or compared to companies related to the related industry, that is useful. 

Wrapping Up

Now, are you ready to get started? Hopefully, we have been able to overcome some of the confusion about creating an ideal pitch deck presentation. So, there you get it – the top 10 components you need to include in your startup presentation pitch

We have tried to explain almost everything that it takes to create an effective pitch deck. You need to make sure that none of these are omitted later or if you think something else can be included then don’t hesitate to mention it in the comment section.


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