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Content Marketing Tricks You Need to Know 

If you pull out the perfect content marketing for your business you can get more traffic, more social platform share, more backlinks that mean you will get more customers.

Your first step should be to find a relevant topic. Do not concentrate on should I write a short blog or a big comprehensive blog. just try blogs that actually will connect people. Try to do as much as that content needs. It will be better if you put some relatable images. And you need to maintain your blog updated with fresh contents. 

Many say one needs to put a minimum one content per week and it’s not true. If your content is not world-class then putting too many will do anything for you.


How to find proven topics

You can take help from your competitors here. Just visit their social media platform pages or website and be aware of what people are sharing and watching these days. Follow newspaper and Television Business reports that will help you know about the economy. You just have to be updated; only then by your content, you can update others.

Your next step should be finding a perfect SEO keyword for your content. Seo friendly content is very important. You have to think about your title tag.

You can simply use Google/YouTube/bing/Amazon search suggest list.

And you can also utilize “Searches Related To” from google and the end of the page when you search for something. And this is not any third party tool; it comes directly from google.

The format of your content is totally depends on you. You can write or you can make visual content like video or animation. The thing you have to decide what should be the best. Otherhand, you write your content both in written format or in visual. If you think your written content got a lot of traffic you can go for visuals and vice versa.

Around 3 million blog posts are published every day. So, how can one stand; how can you stand?

It’s simple. You have to make the perfect with timeliness a great content. Keeping simple things in mind like SEO, your targeted audience and in which area you want to focus.

Cover every element of your topic. Do things like you are the viewer. Keep in touch with your previous contents to know your audience response and most importantly visit your competitor’s concept and viewer’s response.

People love examples 

Always give as many examples as you can in your content.

For example, while writing this I have researched, though I know about content marketing I studied about it again. Why? Because only study can make you updated. I read articles, blogs and of course videos on youtube.


While writing keep in mind that don’t make it monotonous. Use relevant images and make some lines bold, give them colors like very important red or examples with green. This will give your viewers a great user or you can say reading experience.

Use different fonts, different font sizes and give spaces with many paragraphs.


At the end of the day, the whole point of content marketing is that Content Marketing is getting more and more traffic.

And if you are not getting more traffic then you should revisit everything and try to find some more actionable content.

After successfully doing everything Content Marketing takes time. Sometimes it takes one week to six months. There is only one solution: don’t lose hope and do everything that can be done by you.

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