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ConvrtX Startup Competition 2022
Startup Opportunities

ConvrtX Startup Competition 2022 


ConvrtX is in the course of developing a venture ecosystem with the goal of becoming a one-stop destination for any founders who are interested in launching a project by providing advisory, access to funding, and development services. Participate in the pitch competition to earn their assistance in launching your project and connecting with investors.


ConvrtX Startup Competition 2022


Program Details 


Location: Virtual


Time: Will be informed later. 


Application Deadline: 24 August




They are seeking companies with the following features.


To apply, you can visit

Cost: 10 $


Program Description


ConvrtX is a venture studio that has won numerous acclaim for its work in building and scaling software startups to the point where they dominate their respective markets. It takes the combined efforts of many people to make sure that a new business is successful. ConvrtX offers a comprehensive suite of services to guarantee that all of your requirements will be satisfied and that these requirements will be able to be incorporated into a single comprehensive master plan. They have provided financial support to twenty different companies on an annual basis up until this point. They will award ten thousand dollars to every thriving company that successfully finishes this programme. ConvrtX has been able to assist over 400 different businesses up to this point using such kinds of support. 


About the Organizers


ConvrtX is one of the most rapidly expanding venture studios in the world and the largest in the GCC. A group that started out as small as 20 people just two years ago has grown to a global hundred-person strong team.


ConvrtX’s goal is to become a one-stop shop for startup founders in need of advisory services, product development, and financial backing. They are a venture studio, their mission is to revolutionize the status quo.




ConvrtX provides founders with a complete package, including a business strategy, market research, and a minimum viable product (MVP). Successful app development in today’s cutthroat app market comes down to pursuing sound management and leadership advice. This programme empowers participants to collaborate with this enthralling venture studio.


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