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Daraz Online Shopping: Ultimate Savior of the E-commerce Platform

Daraz Online Shopping: Ultimate Savior of the E-commerce Platform 

-commerce has brought a new era of shopping for consumers globally. Nowadays, people want to get everything at their fingertips within a very short time. When it comes to the point of regular and daily life needs, Daraz online shopping is the ultimate savior unarguably.

However, Daraz shop is one of the best E-commerce platforms, and really saves many people’s valuable time. It also wins the heart and trust of their 10M+ monthly users. Since 2015 they are trying very hard to provide the required purchase to their customers and give them a better experience of online shopping.

Moreover, now we are living on the edge where the market is very competitive for all new startup companies. But Daraz passed their competitive period very nicely and now doing their monopolistic business in the long run. 

Daraz’s BD business model is basically a B2C (business to customer) venture model of the rocket. In Bangladesh, it is the first time when ventures introduced us to this model which is similar to “Amazon”. That is the 4th number e-commerce site of Bangladesh but it gains more popularity among all online shopping sites.    

However, isn’t it more fascinating for you to know how Daraz Bangladesh maintains their supremacy? Well, let’s know more about their journey on becoming one of the biggest players in this industry

Why Should We Use Daraz Online Shopping

Among many exciting value propositions to their customer, what will excite you more to have a shopping experience from Daraz has given below,

  • Daraz has made its online portal and app super easy & fun for its users. People using their app or online site for the first time can easily understand how to purchase products from them.
  • Certainly, there are also options for giving reviews on how the product is. So before purchasing, buyers can be assured about the product’s quality from the previous customer 
  • There are over 50,000 sellers and 1,100 brands that will help you to choose your desired one.
  • At the same time, they offer a discount coupon to their first user. Also, they keep giving discounts to their regular users for various occasional purposes, which is very much worth getting excited.
  • There are over 22M products in Daraz so that you can choose your required goods at a reasonable price. 
  • They also have a very efficient delivery system which makes it possible for you to get the product in hand at your convenient time and if you find any problem with your product it can be replaceable.
  • The most important value they are adding to their customer’s buying experience is through their world-class after-sales service. They’ll even pick the product up from your door if you want to exchange

History of Daraz 

Daraz is a famous online marketplace based on South Asia and Southeast Asia. Their journey was started in Pakistan by founder Muneb Maayr, co-founder Farees Shah and Rocket Internet (venture capital) in 2012.

In the beginning, the platform was only used for selling fashion products then they decided to increase their product line by adding electronics, household accessories, books, motorbike & automotive, Health & beauty products, groceries & pets, and many other regular belongings.

Therefore, in 2014 they extended their business and launched their operation in Bangladesh and Myanmar. However, Daraz is now successfully doing its business in 5 countries which are Bangladesh, Pakistan, Myanmar, Nepal, SriLanka. 

In 2018, Daraz was obtained by the Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba group from the venture capital company. They operate 9 warehouses across their 5 marketplaces. They also have 9 sorting houses and 121 hubs for packaging their products.  

Hence, the current CEO of this incredible marketplace is Bjarke Mikkelson. Now he is operating this e-commerce industry with excellency, intelligence & precision. He always wanted to be in the right industry at the right time in the right market to take advantage and do something extraordinary. At the same time, their history beautifully blends with their main mission

Make it easy to do business anywhere in the era of the digital economy“.

DarazBD The Leading Online Marketplace of Bangladesh  

By the leadership of Syed Mostahidal Haque, the managing director of Daraz Bangladesh, Daraz is running their operation quite successfully in Bangladesh. Daraz seller center bd provides their service to 33 districts of Bangladesh which is supported by their largest sorting center in Dhaka and collection points across the country.

At first, they only focused on big brands and authentic products. Then they started adding more product lines from various brands and sellers. First few years, they struggled to grow and achieve market share.

In 2017 when they united with Kaymu and added non–branded small sellers, their business boomed. As customers can get their essential products at a cheap price, they started buying more products from Daraz. 

Daraz in Bangladesh

This e-commerce site sees big opportunities in Bangladesh as this South Asian country is really in its early age of the e-commerce platform & has a consistently growing economy. Daraz e-business strategy is also gaining more consumers here. Without daaraz, there are so many online-based marketplaces in Dhaka.

However, Still, for the lack of proper organizational behavior and venture capital ecosystem, they lose the competition to the big players such as Daraz. Today, the company is the most dominant contender in Dhaka’s e-commerce platform. 

How To Order From Daraz 

Daraz sign up process is very simple, here the processes are given below step by step:

  1. At first, you should browse or go to google play store and download the app.
  2. Search your desired product using the search bar or select from the various categories.
  3. After choosing your desired product, press the “Buy Now” option.
  4. Go to the chart and click the “proceed to checkout” option to see your order.
  5. Then fix your payment methods such as mobile banking or online banking. 
  6. If you have any vouchers or discount coupons, then don’t forget to apply. That’s it!

Facilities And Promotional Activities Of Daraz

In this time of COVID-19, Daraz is one of the companies that are growing. Besides, they also donate to the underprivileged people. Recently this company is training 50,000 new and exciting sellers every month on e-commerce operations.

In 2018 they launched Daraz-DEX in South Asian countries. Every month 2,500 DEX heroes deliver 1.7 million packages. By doing this, Daraz is also contributing to solving the unemployment problem in many South Asian countries.

Moreover, they also built a vast payment infrastructure that is localized to each market. They collaborated with leading banks and local opened-loop wallets in five countries for people to pay their bills easily

To become successful in the highly competitive e-commerce sector, they follow some policies such as,

  1. Launching online campaigns.
  2. Offering vouchers.
  3. Giving discount cards.
  4. Finally, they give their advertisements on different websites and social networking sites; if any user consumer clicks on the advertisement, they’ll directly go to the website of Daraz.

However, they also launched the Daraz app which is super easy for the users.  Daraz app download process is, at first you go to the google play store, then search “Daraz”, then download it. After opening the app you can find a search bar where you can discover your desire products.

Customers Review 

Many customers who took their services some time faced problems. Most of the time Daraz official crews failed to answer the queries of their customers because of time management and some of them are not cooperative also. That’s why customers got bad experience several times.

Moreover, After adding non branded small sellers in 2017, Daraz faced some problems because of providing the lesser quality product. Some sources imply that the company suffers a lack of reputation in the market. And sometimes, they also delay delivery.

However, To solve this problem, they introduced a new category that is DarazMall for which the company can provide a better-branded quality product, quick delivery service, product guarantee, and better return policy. So, they are looking forward to making them well organized and lead the e-commerce market in Bangladesh.

Vision And Possibilities of Daraz

At Daraz, they believe that the internet, social networking, and online-based business are growing faster than anyone can imagine. So, the goal of this company is to hold the largest number of the consumer base online who are spending in this market.

Moreover, Daraz Online Shopping aims to be the largest online shopping platform outside of China and USA. They are working very hard to reach their goal. For that, they hire more manpower who are able to make new ideas and great skills to reach worldwide. They also identify new business models and untapped markets for making their business more successful.

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Finally, we conclude that Daraz Bangladesh is doing a great job because there are no alternative companies who can coming,pete with them. So they want to take their business to a better stage and win the trust of their regular customers.

You can easily connect them using daraz bd contact number which is +8809610096111 and the email id is [email protected]

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