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Discord Reportedly Rejects Microsoft’s $12 Billion Acquisition Offer
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Discord Reportedly Rejects Microsoft’s $12 Billion Acquisition Offer 

Microsoft was reported to be in negotiations with Discord about purchasing the company in a $12 billion transaction. According to unidentified sources familiar with Bloomberg, the transaction may have fizzled out.

Bloomberg had previously hypothesized that Discord would leave money on the table in order to pursue an IPO and previously reported that Discord was in talks with a number of companies, including Epic Games and Amazon.

However, according to a separate VentureBeat article, Discord was in exclusive acquisition talks with an unidentified group, which may very well have been Microsoft.

It’s worth noting that neither Discord nor Microsoft have issued an official statement or even implied acceptance of the unverified claims.

Discord reportedly rejects Microsoft's $12 billion acquisition offer

For gamers who were frustrated with in-game communication, Discord was created as a VoIP solution for competitive gaming. However, over the course of its six-year lifespan, it has evolved to include a variety of gaming and community-centric solutions.

Discord is primarily a messaging and streaming platform that adds value by allowing technically savvy users to build highly customized discussion servers covering a wide range of topics.

Discord has also dabbled in the sale of digital games.

Although declining a $12 billion acquisition offer could seem to be a bad move, Discord has a long-term strategy for could the brand.

The company occupies a unique role at the intersection of geek-centric social media and a video game content distribution network.

Discord’s hobby and community-focused discussion servers have proven to be a viable substitute for Reddit.

The IPO gamble taken by Discord shows that the company is confident in its strategic path and long-term viability.

Raising money through public stock offerings helps management to keep control of the company’s destiny while also getting the funding it needs to realize its potentiality in the wider market.

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