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Edutechs Raised $100K in Pre-seed Round by Investors

Edutechs Raised $100K in Pre-seed Round by Investors 

The startup ecosystem has another educational platform now, Edutechs. Edutechs raised $100k in pre-seed by serial investor Mohammad Maaz and industrialist F. K. Md. Emdad Khan. the startup was one of the top 5 finalists at the She Loves Tech competition. They have also received a grant of BDT 10 lakhs from the Databird Launchpad competition


Edutechs Raised $100K in Pre-seed Round by Investors


Serial investor Mohammad Maaz, who has already invested in firms such as Gaze, Chaya,, Zingo, and Loox, is leading the funding round. The next investor is businessman and entrepreneur F. K. Md. Emdad Khan, who owns the ‘Afroze-Azam Khan Jute Mills.’ Several additional important seed investors, as well as a few mentors, have also aided Edutechs in obtaining worldwide finance.


The CEO of Edutechs, Mohammad Ekram, commented on the funding round,


“Our aim is to make education in Bangladesh have a world class standard so the best and brightest of the country study here and stay here pushing the country to become a world player,” 


The co-founder Farhim Warith Zaman adds, 


“We are making a ‘Made in Bangladesh’ Edtech SaaS solution, for Bangladesh and Beyond.”


Origin of Edutechs


The goal of Edutechs is to put excellent learning management software in every classroom across the country. The CEO initiated the startup idea since he saw the potential of digital education in the international market and wanted to incorporate the system into Bangladesh too. The outdated syllabus that the students of this country have been stuck with along with traditional manual learning. 

Students were unaware that education might be digital, potentially resulting in a paradigm shift in their learning experience. Whereas, students around the globe were already adapted to using different LMS software at ease which enhanced their quality of learning. And this is how Edutechs was born, with Mohammad Ekram as the CEO, along with his co-founders: Farhim Warith Zaman, the CBO, and the CTO, Nafis Abrar.


In less than a year, Edutechs has onboarded over 300 teachers and over 10,000 students to their platform. In addition, they work with over 35 educational institutions. Edutechs intends to build an app with the current funds that will allow more teachers and students to join their digital education revolution. You can learn more about Edutechs from their website and try them out!

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