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Ennovators 4.0 Live Webinar 

Since its launch, Banglalink has successfully brought up much needed fresh perspectives on several occasions. The creation of Ennovators has been another feather in the hat. During this pandemic, Ennovators 4.0 Live Webinar is the upcoming event of the fourth edition.

Ennovators 4.0 Live Webinar session will mostly discuss entrepreneurial success stories featuring their special guest Co-founder and COO of Sheba.XYZ, Ilmul Haque Sajib. As the title “Let’s Hear About Ennovators” implies, the session will follow the career progress of the special guest.

It’s only fitting that one of the significant emerging brands in Bangladesh centering around multiple services shall have the opportunity to go in-depth, discussing startup innovation ideas and provide insight into the service industry.

Ennovators 4.0 Live Webinar 

Details about the “Ennovators 4.0 Live Webinar: let’s Hear About Ennovators” online event are given below-

Date: 21st October 2020 (Wednesday)

Time: 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm (BDT)

Registration: There will be no registration required to join this Live Webinar on Facebook

Facebook Event Link: 


Speaker and Moderator of the “Ennovators 4.0 Live Webinar” online event are-

  • Speaker: Kowshik Azad- Media Manager of Banglalink Digital Communication Ltd.

Kowshik Azad started as a Strategic Assistant in Banglalink via placement from Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP) He is currently the media manager for the Ennovators 4.0 Live Webinar session. A decorated career path has given light to his career choices as well as opportunities.

Registration for Banglalink Ennovator 4.0 is still open. To know more about Banglalink Ennovators 4.0, you can read our previous article Banglalink Ennovators 4.0 Registration Has Been Opened.

Info on Banglalink Digital Communication Limited: 

Banglalink Digital Communications Limited is one of the most renowned cellular service providers in Bangladesh. It has attained more than 32.61 million subscribers as of September 2015 with 24.81% market share.

  • Moderator: Tanzina Giash Tanni- Talent Acquisition Lead Specialist of Banglalink Digital Communication Limited

Tanzina Giash Tanni is working as a talent acquisition lead specialist for Banglalink Digital Communication Limited; she has written articles providing tips on virtual interviews and virtual presentations as of July and August of 2020. She will be moderating the Ennovators 4.0 Live Webinar on 21st October. 

Information on Sheba.XYZ

Sheba.XYZ is a service-based marketplace which conducts its interaction online. Adnan Imtiaz Halim is the CEO, and Ilmul Haque Sajib is the COO and the co-founder of Sheba.XYZ. This online service based marketplace serves the needs of its users. 

This popular marketplace of Bangladesh is providing services such as- House cleaning, home and office relocation, pest control, electrician etc. The brilliance of this platform Sheba.XYZ is that it matches the service providers with the customers within a few clicks online.

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