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Entrepreneurship World Cup 2020 Bangladesh:National Finalists Are Announced
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Entrepreneurship World Cup 2020 Bangladesh:National Finalists Are Announced 


he Entrepreneurship World Cup is one of the most known competitions of Startup Field. Startups from all over the world participate in this global pitch competition. Entrepreneurship World Cup 2020 Bangladesh Finalists have been announced.

The winners win life-changing prizes that’s why entrepreneurs and startups eagerly wait for this event to take place every year. 

Due to its popularity and benefits, almost 1,00,000 entrepreneurs from 187 countries of the world take place in this competitive battle this year. The “Entrepreneurship World Cup” or “EWC” in short, provides opportunities and tools of growth to the startups.

It also provides chances to get to know about the global network of mentors. In short, for achieving business opportunities and investments, there’s no alternative to “EWC.”

The Prize Money of Entrepreneurship World Cup 2020 is US$ 1 Billion. This has attracted the highest number of participants this year. Bangladesh is going to host this great competition for the second time in Bangladesh. 

In every country which takes part in this competition, a national competition is held at first to select ten best startups that would be representing the country in an international platform. 

The “Entrepreneurship World Cup 2020” has mainly five different stages –

  1. Accelerate 1: Startup’s qualities and skills are tested through many virtual & educational training and opportunities. 
  2. National Competition: National Competition is organized in 100 countries individually. 100 winners from 100 countries are selected for further training and receiving prizes.
  3. Accelerate 2: 100 national winners go through training and sessions virtually. They are provided with support services and especially, one-to-one mentors who prepare them for Global Finals.
  4. Global Finals: Again, Global Finalists will go through live training sessions along with networking with investors. These finalists will compete on stage for prizes and support services.
  5. Post-EWC Support: All of the national winners will be enrolled in the Starters Club, with the facility of access to global peer network, mentorship, and other support services.

This year, in Bangladesh, 450 startups competed with each-other and ten best startups among them got selected as “National Finalists” for representing Bangladesh. 

The benefits the winners will be getting because of “EWC 2020”

  • 3 Global Grand Prizes
  • 15 Global Finalist Stage Prizes
  • 100 National Prizes 
  • Open Stage for all Investors to offer Deals

Entrepreneurship World Cup 2020 Bangladesh Finalists

The List of the Bangladeshi Startups that have become national finalists in “Entrepreneurship World Cup 2020 Bangladesh” is given below with short descriptions –

ME SOLshare Ltd

ME SOLshare Ltd. Is trying hard to create a revolutionary change in the electricity sector of Bangladesh. Their main aim is to provide the poor Bangladeshi community people with affordable solar electricity. 

They have successfully installed 5 million Solar Home Systems (SHS) which generates energy worth US$1 billion per year. ME SOLshare Ltd. has both solar consumers and solar entrepreneurs who are producers-villagers.


 Shuttle is a mass-transit startup which provides anyone with safe transportation, but with affordable price. With the help of technology, it has gained the ability to move more people with fewer vehicles.

The main focus of this startup is to solve the transportation problem in Bangladesh. You can commute with 10-11 other people in the minivans of Shuttle and it will cost you less than one-fourth of the fare of Uber Cars.

Go Zayaan

The startup named “Go Zayaan” is designed to bring all the travel and transportation in a single platform. Go Zayaan has successfully blended traveling with technology. 

If you’re a traveling lover, then this startup is going to be very useful for you. Also, the startup has many kinds of products according to the desires of customers.

Mechanic কই? (Where’s the Mechanic?)

This startup was founded for providing 360-degree vehicle solutions to Bangladeshi people. They also provide on-demand emergency repair services.

If you have a smart device and have the “Mechanic কই?” app installed there, then you can get services anytime from them. Also, you can shop for any vehicle parts whichever is available in the app. “Mechanic কই?” has an exceptional thought to train people in the mechanism.

Octaglory Limited

 Octaglory Limited is a renowned Retail Tech Company in Bangladesh. It was founded with a vision to bring a revolutionary change in retail distribution through mobile technologies. 

Octaglory Limited was founded to remove many problems like massive inefficiencies in terms of cash& stock tracking, data deficiency & Tertiary Information day to day operations, distribution management, and payment settlement from the retailing field. Since then, it has been serving Bangladesh in better ways. 

Interactive Cares

The very first cloud and all based platform of E-learning in Bangladesh. Anyone can attend educative sessions or do courses. This startup’s target consumer is city people, who have stable internet connection and age is between 15-40 years.

Interactive Cares’s academic and skill development courses can surely make someone a better-qualified person. Also, he/she can use chat, video call, group call, screen sharing & virtual whiteboard while doing courses.

Khaidai Today 

Khaidai Today aims at providing the best grocery service in Bangladesh in spite of having no warehouse. They are implementing the franchise model country’s first grocery delivery chain. Already they have reached seven cities in Bangladesh. 

You can order groceries from them just if you have a smart device in your hand. Khaidai Today says that their target audience is quality concerned people. So if you need to have well-qualified groceries delivered at your doorstep, don’t forget to take services from Khaidai Today!

Game Plan

The game-loving people in “Game Plan” can draft Real Players from various sporting leagues and then create a fictional team. In the whole process of gaming, the one who has the highest overall ranking wins.

Game Plan is indeed a remarkable step as the young generation people are very much engaged in playing games. However, this startup makes a 15% gross profit from the entry fees of each user. The rest of the amount is distributed among the winners.


AmarLab is a Health Welfare provider of Bangladesh, which is the first of Its kind initiative. People now do not need to go anywhere and wait to get services when they need any kind of medical help.

This startup even provides end-to-end diagnostic test services from sample collection to testing to report delivery. One can have full benefits by taking their reliable service and saving time, hassle, and money.

Alpha 360

Alpha 360 is an online event planner. It is a marketplace that connects service seekers with service providers. Alpha 360 serves for different perspectives like private & corporate events, weddings, etc.

Bangladeshi people who are looking for an innovative solution for their event needs, the Alpha 360 can be a problem solver for them. Especially, people who are thinking to get married in this pandemic situation, this event planner can be of great use to you. 

Among these 10 teams, one will be selected on 5th September 2020 at National Final as the representative of Bangladesh. Don’t move your eyes from our website if you want to know about the final event!

“The Entrepreneurship World Cup” is a great opportunity for startups to become part of the largest entrepreneurship ecosystem. So, being a part of it is a blessing indeed which the above-mentioned startups received this year.

You can know more about this competition by visiting Or, you can directly contact the concerned authorities.  Their e-mail address is [email protected] and the contact number is +8801632319331. 


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  1. Asif Iqbal

    These information are not true.

    ***The partners of Bangladesh for organizing the regional stage of “Entrepreneurship World Cup 2020” are Singapore Venture Capital & Equity Association (SVCA) as the International Partner. More partners of Bangladesh are Startup Bangladesh, Entrepreneurs Organization (EO), Hi-Tech Park Authority, TiE, American Alumni Association (AAA), Chakri Khujbo Na, Chakri Debo.

    Bangladesh’s knowledge partner for this tremendous event is BUET and media partner is RTV. The Platinum sponsor of Bangladesh in this event is Evaly ( and Gold sponsor is Chaldal ( ****

    1. Anowar Sayef Anik

      Sorry for the inconvenience. corrected.

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