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Game Industry TV Ad Spend Drops Nearly 30% From September to October
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Game Industry TV Ad Spend Drops Nearly 30% From September to October 

aming brands spent an estimated $28.1 million on TV advertising in October, 28.73% decrease from the outlay of September, $39.5 million and a 53.32% decrease from October 2019. Game Industry TV ad spend drops nearly 30% from September to October.

Playing video games has always been a fascinating work for every individual. Once playing video games was considered to be a child’s favorite way of spending quality time.

As the days are passing by, the way we have done marketing and how we have used the methods of marketing are also being changed drastically.

Every day the world is seeing change, whether it’s the way we eat or how we talk, or the way we advertise our contents. All of these things had made our everyday challenge more complicated, more complex, and more challenging at the same time.

Previously if we look at the way we have used our marketing, we will see a drastic change. Tv commercials were used to be the most prominent way of marketing products and services.

Game Industry TV ad spend drops nearly 30% from September to October

Nowadays, this has seen the change more than ever before, and guess what has had a massive effect in the commercial tv industry. The rate of tv commercials in the games industry has dropped by 30% in the tv industry, which is a significant number in terms of statistics.

The first place of advertising goes to sony play station, and then second place is taken by Nintendo, and  Ea sports take the third place, and Xbox takes a final and foremost position, and Activision stands 5th on the ranking.

Tv commercials have seen enormous change over the years, and it has evolved more than ever before. Now all the major industries out there are more interested in spending on social media marketing, which could be another reason for game industries lessening the amount of money they had to spend on tv commercials.

According to a report recently published, PlayStation has spent almost $13.2 million us dollars; Ea sports has spent 2.7 million dollars; Nintendo has spent $8.2 million us dollars, and Xbox has paid  2.4 million, and Activision has paid 518,141 dollars only.

The game industry has been able to generate up to 1.2 billion tv impressions in total. Playstation has taken first place for the game industry tv impression list.

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