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Go Zayaan: Best For Travel Freaks of Bangladesh

Go Zayaan: Best For Travel Freaks of Bangladesh 

eople of Bangladesh now often travel here and there to get out of their monotonous routine-bound life. That’s why talking about traveling is a common matter nowadays. Go Zayaan serves the best for travel freaks of Bangladesh.

Till some years ago, people used to feel tired while searching for convenient and flexible services for traveling in Bangladesh. Even now, there are very few startups in Bangladesh which provides advantages of traveling to their customers. 

In that sense, Go Zayaan, founded on 10th August 2017, is one of the best online travel platforms in Bangladesh. “Go Zayaan” itself reveals that they are willing to take their customers in charge of their own travel plans which clearly indicates that they’re very much dedicated to providing the best services to their customers. 

go zayaan website screenshot

Apart from booking flights for local and international tours, you can also do the booking of hotels, complete the premium procedures of getting a Visa through Go Zayaan. Not only that, suppose you’re a travel-loving person, but can’t go on your desired trip just because of not having enough money. Guess what? Go Zayaan offers even Travel Loans for interested people!

About Go Zayaan

Recently Go Zayaan has introduced the term “Travel Loan” in Bangladesh for the very first time. If you need a loan for traveling or buying products for traveling, you can get avail up to 2,00,000 Lakhs Taka from Go Zayaan as Travel Loan. Later you can return them the monen easily with monthly installments.

With the association of IPDC Finance Ltd., Go Zayaan launched this Travel Loan service for making traveling easier and affordable for Bangladeshi People. By taking your trips on credit, you can use this travel loan, but that’s with an EMI facility of 18 months. The travel loan provided by Go Zayaan will be valid for the next three months from the day the loan gets issued. 

For taking the Travel Loan, you must have a national id (NID) and your monthly salary should be at least 20 thousand takas or more. The monthly installments will be deducted from your active salary account. Do you know what’s more interesting? You will not have to pay any interest if you are able to repay the loan within six months.

You can visit if you are interested to know more about the Travel Loan of Go Zayaan.

Team Go zayaan

Go Zayaan has received foreign and local investments which they have used in such ways that are definitely commendable. They have received investments from BRAC Osiris Impact Ventures and OS Ventures and used the investments in developing their in-house Technology platforms and expanding their services.

This popular traveling service provider of Bangladesh brought all the transportation and travel in a single platform which has made traveling more easier than before. Now they’re working day and night to feed the wanderlust of Bangladeshi Travel Loving People. That’s how they provide a one-stop travel solution to the travel freaks of Bangladesh

Almost 50 staff in total work for Go Zayaan in three different sections – Reservation Team, Visa Team, and Customer Care Team. One of the best parts of Go Zayaan is that they’re always ready to help their customers even when the customers are traveling. Just pick up your phone, call them and they’ll try their best to take you out of the problem. 

From late 2018 to 2019,  Go Zayaan has noticed a growth which is around 97 percent. People who have been benefitted from Go Zayaan, 30% of them have already become regular customers of this online travel platform. Over 30,000 people have taken services from Go Zayaan online and offline yet and the number is hoped to increase more and more day by day.

By playing strongly, the Go Zayaan has become the national winner of the “Entrepreneurship World Cup Bangladesh -2020” event which took place on 5th September 2020. In this competition, Go Zayaan has left behind over 460 startups in Bangladesh

To know about the Entrepreneurship World Cup Bangladesh 2020 National Final Event, you can read our previous article Go Zayaan is Entrepreneurship World Cup 2020 Bangladesh National Final Winner.

Since the Foundation of Go Zayaan, it has made connections with 30+ countries for visa assistance, linked with more than 1.2 million hotels and 100 Airlines worldwide. These intelligent moves have enriched the services of Go Zayaan. Moreover, you can complete payment according to your convenience, either with mobile financial services or local currency cards.

In an interview, the Founder & CEO of GO ZAYAAN, Ridwan Hafiz, who is a Co-Founder of Analyzen, Bangladesh’s first Digital Marketing Agency, was asked that why did he choose the travel industry of Bangladesh. Replying to this question, he said “I haven’t chosen Travel, rather it has chosen me. We are trying our best, working really hard to create the perfect Travel Brand in Bangladesh.” 

He added that the Go Zayaan Team doesn’t want to rest until they reach global standard taking along the whole travel ecosystem of Bangladesh

According to the Chief Marketing Officer of Go Zayaan, Mr. Imamul Islam, Go Zayaan wants to be a platform where someone can get all the facilities related to traveling – from getting visas to booking a hotel, with any kind of direction that is needed. 

This well-known online travel agency in Bangladesh serves more than 10,000 people in the peak travel season. Earlier, young Bangladeshi people couldn’t fulfill their dream of traveling, but Go Zayaan has made their dreams come true. Their 24/7 customer support helps them to easily win over people.

Go Zayaan official website states that it’s the ultimate online platform for next-generation traveling. No wonder that this startup has made us seen a noteworthy change in the Travel Industry of Bangladesh by contributing a lot. They have been fulfilling our travel needs with few minutes along with offering customized travel plans and packages.

Taking out the best of Technology, Go Zayaan has proved that they can provide transparent, high-quality services to the Travel Lovers of Bangladesh. Maybe that’s why Go Zayaan, the pioneer of Online Traveling Services, has already gained the trust of thousands of Bangladeshi Travel Lovers

To know more about Go Zayaan Services, you must visit their official website or you can also drop your questions at [email protected]. Also, you can give a message at their Facebook page or contact them by calling at +88 09678 332211 (Saturday to Thursday; 10 am to 10 pm) for more queries. 


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