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Google is Giving free Classes for Women Entrepreneurs

Google is Giving free Classes for Women Entrepreneurs 

With an aim to help women to find a better job, make advance their career growth, and to grow their businesses; Google will hold training classes that will be broadcast live and free of charge on YouTube. Google bringing these classes especially for women entrepreneurs.

women entrepreneurs.

On March 8, International Women’s Day is commencing with this years’ theme ‘Choose to Challenge’. For celebrating women’s day Google wants to support all the female entrepreneurs so that they have access to information and digital skills training.

Most of the time women entrepreneurs all over the faced any kind of hurdles that men do not even know exist. This time Google one of the biggest tech giant company takes this initiative is actually applaudable.

There will be five courses that will be broadcast on YouTube and of course free of charge; between March 1 and 5.

The list of the classes from Google celebrating Women’s Day will be the following:

Panel / Women and economic reactivation

Join us in an exclusive panel with female leaders from Latin America where we will talk about the perspective of the role of women within the economic reactivation that is coming, the opportunities and challenges that exist.

Monday March 1st – 9.30 AM.

Tools to help women entrepreneurs boost their businesses

If you are in charge of an SME or a business, we want to help you stand out online, stay connected with your customers, and create a free website through your Google Business Profile. In addition, we will provide you with some tips to attract new customers with the Google Ads online advertising tool.

Tuesday March 2nd – 9.30 AM.

Tips to learn how to manage your business finances with Google

If you are in charge of an SME or a business, we want to help you take the first steps for the financial management of your business using Google Workspace tools such as Spreadsheets, Documents, etc.

Tuesday March 2nd – 10.30 AM.

Leadership, self-promotion and female empowerment

When women have equal access to opportunities and information, anything is possible. Take part in the free training where we will share helpful tips and tools for leadership, self-promotion and empowerment to help promote your professional and personal growth and success.

Wednesday March 3 – 9.30 AM.

Free tools to stay safe on the internet

There is research that indicates that women tend to feel less safe when browsing the web. In this training we will seek to understand why this is usually the case and we will give recommendations that allow women to have tools to be able to navigate safely and take advantage of the full potential of the web.

Thursday March 4 – 9.30 AM.

Free Google Tools to Learn About Digital Skills and Programming

Discover Google’s free tools to acquire new digital skills that can help you in your professional development and new tools that can help you learn about programming and take your first steps in the world of technology.

Friday March 5 – 9.30 AM.

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