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Google Launches Career Certification Program For High Demand Fields
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Google Launches Career Certification Program For High Demand Fields 


he pandemic COVID-19 has let us realize that we need to upgrade ourselves rather than sitting idly.

That’s why many learning platforms have been providing online courses and certificates so that people don’t get bored and can utilize the time properly.  Google launches career certification program for high demand fields.

Google Launches Career Certification Program

Google, the most popular search engine around the world, is known for providing many facilities for mass people. From time to time, they offer courses for people to develop their skills. Following this tradition, they have announced their new professional certification program.

It’s being conceived that Google is trying to make people positively use this pandemic situation. For which, they have decided to launch new online courses and certificates for willing people. No doubt that people will be benefitted a lot by this step taken by Google.

The new series of certificates named “Google Career Certificates,” offered by Google, will help people to fast-track their career. Because of having this professional certificates, they’ll quickly get digital jobs in many high-demand fields. Their fundamental skills will be stimulated grossly. 

According to Kent Walker, the senior Vice-President of Global Affairs of Google,

College Degrees are out of reach for many Americans, and you shouldn’t need a college diploma to have economic security. We need new, accessible job-training solutions – from enhanced vocational programs to online education – to help America recover and rebuild.”

Walker, later in an interview given to American Business Magazine Inc, stated that Google would be considering these professional certificates as an equivalent for four-year degrees for the related roles in their hiring.

Well, his words made it quite clear that Google is just trying the jobless but qualified people to have a better economic condition. Making people dependent on themselves rather than depending on colleges or universities for degrees is another aim of Google behind taking this step.

The career development courses will let people know how to perform in-demand jobs. Till now, the disclosed topics of the certificates are Data Analytics, Project Management, and User Experience (UX) Design. Google is expected to add more items later on this list. For more details, you can check the link below –

Apart from these career certificates, Google will also be funding almost 1,00,000 need-based scholarships. Moreover, Job training of $10 million is already committed by Google that will be communicating throughout the US. In this  YWCA, JFF, and NPower will be the gracious partners of Google.

Many people are saying that these courses offered by Google will change the environment of the job field and higher education because Google would be teaching the participants about real-world skills needed in the workplace, which most of the colleges and universities fail to teach their students. Like every other learning platforms, Google is committed to upskilling the participants through these career courses. 

Isn’t it amazing that Google will be offering the degrees in just six months for which you’ve to toil much in universities and colleges for at least four years? So, why are you delaying? Brace yourself and make preparations for enrolling your name!

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