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Got It Receives Investment of $6m from VNG Launching P2P Solutions in Vietnam
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Got It Receives Investment of $6m from VNG Launching P2P Solutions in Vietnam 

VNG Corporation, the web-tech giant of Vietnam, is set to invest in Got It, a tech startup platform. Got It has been gaining attention for a while now. This investment and affiliation with VNG Corporation will boost the expansion of the startup’s work further for P2P solutions.

Got It Receives Investment of $6m from VNG Launching P2P Solutions in Vietnam

Got It works with SaaS and PaaS products. Big firms like Google, Oracle, and Microsoft are already using the platform as the massive improvement in user experience are remarkable. It has proven that in-product usage is more productive.



The VNG Corporation investment is going to boost the P2P gifting solution in Vietnam. The startup is going to launch a premium instant P2P solution on its platform. It is also going to develop the networks of merchants and B2B channels. The focus will mainly be on Zalopay and Zalo. Got It will also work on its pre-existing reward vouchers and loyalty programs.

At a 25% stake of Got It, the $6 million investment of the Vietnamese web giant VNG Corporation, seems promising and already a good action to take. From the predictions early on this stage, there may be a stunning $25 million valuation post-investment for Got It.

According to the claims of the tech startup, more than 500 of the largest companies, both national and multinational are included in its client base. Got It and VNG Corporation are joining forces to reach 160 brand partners and are going to launch a premium instant P2P gifting solution. This expansion means that the firm will be covering more than 12,000 locations in Vietnam. 

The Co-founder and CEO of VNG Corporation, Le Hong Minh has stated,

“Since mid-2020, VNG has been pushing its strategy of finding potential startups for long-term investment and companionship.”

VNG Corporation, publicly called the first tech unicorn in Vietnam, is investing the second time in a local startup this time in exchange for stakeholder equity. Last year, the company invested $4.4 million in EcoTruck in exchange for a 20% stake, which is a logistics startup. And at a 22% stake, the firm also has an early investment in Tiki, an e-commerce platform.

Although the web-tech giant VNG Corporation started out in the gaming industry, it has since expanded which includes sectors like- digital payments, cloud services, e-commerce, digital content, etc. This investment will not only provide the boost that Got It was in need of but also expand VNG Corporation’s work as well.

To sum it up, it may be optimistic to say we can expect great things. But by the looks of it, it holds a pretty good possibility. You can check out more on Got It on their website- and about VNG Corporation on their website-

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