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GoZayaan is Offering EMI Facility to Make Travel More Easy
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GoZayaan is Offering EMI Facility to Make Travel More Easy 

GoZayaan, the online travel tech platform, has been on an unrelenting drive to alter the country’s travel landscape from offline to online. The organization has demonstrated its commitment to innovation by consistently offering new and intriguing items to the market.


The Go-Safe program, integrated RT-PCR testing with foreign flights, travel loan, an ecosystem of travel services, and so on were only the beginning; the firm is now trying to expand. GoZayaan has just established a comprehensive EMI facility in an effort to make travel easier and more accessible to more individuals.


GoZayaan is Offering EMI facility to Make Travel More Easily


Although using an EMI service is becoming more popular in Bangladesh, according to GoZayaan, it has certain advantages that clients just cannot get elsewhere.


Currently, GoZayaan provides EMI services to six banks and financial institutions, including SCB, Amex, EBL, Brac Bank, UCB, MTB, and Lankabangla. All GoZayaan items, including flights, hotels, and excursions, are eligible for EMI. The firm claims that its project stands apart from the crowd since, for the first time in Bangladesh, an OTA has provided 0% EMI services for flights.


People who previously couldn’t contemplate traveling for a variety of reasons can now take advantage of EMI facilities with 0% interest for up to 6 months without any additional fees. Travelers may pay in installments for up to 12 months at minimally competitive rates that are significantly lower than bank EMI rates if they need extra time to cover the expenditures.


The organization provides up to 4% cheaper rates than typical bank EMI costs to provide the most advantage for travelers, enabling each traveler to experience the world to the fullest.


Complete automation and online completion of the EMI processing eliminate the need for time-consuming application processes and expenses. When making a purchase of a travel-related item, one can choose for EMI options and not worry about additional payments.


Only the little EMI fees are removed from the refunded EMI amount during the refund process. Visit the GoZayaan website for more information, which includes comprehensive details about the EMI policy.


According to GoZayaan, their EMI function has gotten a positive reaction from consumers thus far. Since the debut of the EMI payment service in October 2021, it has grown by an average of 21% in the six months between November ’21 and April ’22.


During the same time period, international travel saw rapid expansion. For example, 7.82 percent of total GoZayaan airplane ticket customers in the previous 6 months flew to overseas locations. Over the last six months, the monthly number of international airline tickets booked has increased by 82.45 percent.


The online travel technology platform GoZayaan has been on an unrelenting mission to convert the nation’s offline travel industry to an online one. By consistently releasing innovative and fascinating items onto the market, the firm has demonstrated its commitment to innovation.


The firm is now aiming to expand. The Go-Safe program, integrated RT-PCR testing with foreign flights, travel financing, an ecosystem of travel services, etc. were only the beginning. GoZayaan has unveiled a comprehensive EMI facility in an effort to make travel easier and more affordable for more individuals.


An official from GoZayaan stated,

“Travel is for everyone regardless of what their preferences are, and GoZayaan exists for the traveler’s dreams, so they can be limitless.”  


GoZayaan announced a new brand campaign in Ramadan 2022 with an ambition to offer limitless benefits and flexibility to travelers. The company acquired Pakistani travel tech startup FindMyAdventure early this year in a move to expand regionally. This move to offer a unique EMI facility comes after the company introduced its brand campaign Go Limitless.

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