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GP Accelerator Startup Talk Episode-5
GP Accelerator Startup Talk Episode-5
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GP Accelerator Startup Talk Episode-5 

uring COVID-19, when every entrepreneur of Bangladesh needed some guidelines, at that time GP Accelerator took the initiative to organize “Startup Talk”, a series of six episodes. Through “Startup Talk”, the young Bangladeshi entrepreneurs can talk to a successful startup founder of Bangladesh in each episode. GP Accelerator Startup Talk Episode-5 is the next one!

The previous speakers of “GP Accelerator Startup Talk” were –

  • Episode-1: Dr. Khondaker A. Mamun [Founder of CMED Health]
  • Episode-2: Samiul Kabir [Chief Strategy Officer of]
  • Episode-3: Shubho Al-Farooque [Founder and CEO of Zantrik]
  • Episode-4: Ishtiyak Sheyam [Founder and CEO of REPTO Education Center]

From the previous episodes, entrepreneurs of Bangladesh got ideas about how to manage startups during COVID-19. They are expecting the same even from the last two episodes.

GP Accelerator Startup Talk Episode-5

At the 5th episode of Startup Talk by GP Accelerator, the speaker will be Mr. Rafat Rahman. He is the Founder and CEO of a Bangladeshi startup, “Parking Koi”

Mr. Rafat Rahman is an idol for young entrepreneurs in Bangladesh. So hopefully, his words will be proven as rejuvenators for many entrepreneurs who will reshape their business models to cope up with the pandemic situation. 

Other details of “GP Accelerator Startup Talk Episode – 5” are given below –

Date: 17th September 2020

Time: 5:00 pm to 5:45 pm

Zoom Meeting Link: 

Zoom Meeting ID: 848 1940 7315

Facebook Event Link: 

If you have any other meetings or any urgent work to do at the same time, then don’t feel upset about not being able to join the Zoom Meeting! You can view this meeting later on the Facebook Page of GP Accelerator (, just you can’t ask any questions then. 

To know about the startup “Parking Koi”, you can read our previous article Parking Koi: Unlocking Hidden Parking Spaces

In recent days, Startups of Bangladesh are forced by the COVID-19 situation to minimize their activities. GP Accelerator is trying hard to mobilize the startup economy of Bangladesh and bringing the startups of Bangladesh back to track through the Startup Talk. 

Even if you have missed the previous four episodes, don’t miss the last two episodes. For getting an update about the last episode of “GP Accelerator Startup Talk”, keep your eyes on our website!

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