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Guerrilla marketing: create the buzz in the market 

Guerrilla marketing is an advertisement strategy to promote business/brand products or services in an unconventional way. 

And nowadays, with the rise of social media platforms the more one goes the unconventional way, the more audience you get.

Guerilla marketing basically creates an emotional connection with the consumers. These emotions can be shocking, can surprise, crate curiosity or humanity, or maybe an emotional message.

When the audience is touched by your campaign; they lead other people to it, get involved with the campaign and start to advertise for you in some way. This is how your advertisement will spread far and wide.

The very interesting part of guerrilla marketing is it’s very low-budget marketing and it’s all about how creative you are.

It will work better if you can relate to your customer’s current emotional state. You should evaluate the current environment of your audience and implement something different but definitely, that connects your audience to your brand.


Guerilla Marketing strategies


One thing you should keep in mind that your campaigns should be on precise customers or audience or area. 

And most importantly Authenticity is the key here. If your idea is already used before or somehow it is relatable to something else, it is not guerilla.

It doesn’t require a big marketing budget. But your marketing will be successful if you must be well-timed and when your target audience least expects it. 

One thing you must keep in mind that your execution must be perfect on the first go.

On the contrary, guerilla marketing is not for your promotional plan or advertisements. It generates buzz for you. It creates hype in the market. People will talk about your brand/product/service.


Types of Guerilla Marketing

There are several types of guerilla marketing that one can use for their marketing strategy.


Street marketing 


It refers to outdoor marketing basically using footpath or roadside elements. bringing street elements into play.

You are taking a walk around with your family or friends and suddenly spotting something will charge your mind to have or buy it. 


Ambient Marketing

This type refers to marketing practices that help promote a product by interfering with the flow of things.

Basically, you will relate your service or brand that is not relatable with your business but you are showing that they are deeply connected.


Ambush Marketing

One can use ambush marketing by taking advantage of the audience of an event and use that audience to promote their product or service.


Experiential Marketing

You will just push your audience’s mind into experiences that invite users to “talk, live, breathe” the brand. It is also known as participation marketing or live marketing.


Guerrilla Projections

This type of marketing is done by using high-rise buildings at high-traffic streets to generate buzz. Mostly using bill-board but in a very unconventional way.

It is very true that normally we notice the high rise buildings while sitting in traffic jams or these types of buildings can be noticed from afar.



guerrilla marketing is very cheap to execute. If you are creative enough it can be a lot cheaper than traditional advertising. The campaign works pretty well for small businesses.

It’s a type of marketing where imagination and implementation is more important than your budget.

people should talk about your campaign. Your audience on their own accord will do the marketing. They will discuss, they will laugh, or should feel the attachment.



lack of clarity, mysterious message, hidden meaning can be misunderstood. If what you want to portray to your audience and if they got the message wrong there will be a huge disaster.

And you should be prepared for potential backlash.  There is no doubt that guerrilla marketing can provide outstanding results but you should be able to take the high-risk and always be careful to take all the measurements and keep your campaign transparent.

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