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HandyMama Online Cleaning & Handyman Service in Bangladesh

HandyMama Online Cleaning & Handyman Service in Bangladesh 

andyMama stands for providing the maintenance service to your households and business. They always try to give trusted and reliable service as professionals like plumbers, cleaners, electric workers and much more. HandyMama is the first online cleaning service in Bangladesh.

Generally, they are Dhaka based companies and give many ranges of services namely cleaning, plumbing, electrical work, home appliance, interior design, laundry service, computer fixing, carpentry, home and business shifting, property management etc.

Mr Makbul and Mrs Rabeya live in Dhaka, and both are working couples. One day they found that their electrical connection had been cut down because of some fuse difficulty. As the day was a holiday, it was tough for them to find an electrical worker.

Finally, when they got one, he charged more than average and took much time to solve the problem. So this sudden hassle makes them find out the app “HandyMama” which is able to solve their any household problem quickly next time. 

HandyMama Online Cleaning Service in Bangladesh

Handy mama has solved many problems of thousands of households and saved the time of various businesses. When you are in pressure with your work responsibility just call them, and they will take care of your home cleaning, home appliance fixing, plumbing, painting and many more chronic problems. 

Moreover, the service not only provides you, professional workers to your home or office, they will also send you the taskers who help the workers to save time and improve the productivity of them to keep your home or office tied up.

Here we are going to explain some amazing facts about handy mama ahead in this article. So, have a read and know more about this fabulous platform.


Primary Stage of HandyMama

The chief executive officer of HandyMama is Shah Poran. He launched this revolutionary idea as a startup in March 2015 with 15000$ seed funding from Venox Venture Capital. Following this path, they raised more than one million worth funding from many venture capitalists. From that time, they have achieved more than a thousand users and provide service to give a better experience with Handy Mama and they are now providing the best online laundry service in Bangladesh.

Shah Paran recalls the memory of his initial period,  Once he was finding an electrician to repair his ceiling fan and set a generator in the basement of his office building. On the same day, he also needed a cleaner and plumber for his office. For these problems, he thought about an idea where we can get all the service from one place.

He also added that, 

Individually arranging handymama for many services took time, money and energy also. As an online professional and user, suddenly I felt the need for a platform where we can get all home and office services. After this, I started browsing foreign companies which were giving the same services and matched my thoughts.”

However, he spent six months searching for the perfect online market idea day and nights after that he launched his startup in 2015. In this current time, they are helping more than 50 thousands households and 500 offices in Dhaka city with their services.

With a few clicks, you can sign up in their App and can choose any services like ac repairing, painting, cleaning. After that their customer service will set your order, schedule, payment everything. Finally, your work will be done by them in an exact time.

HandyMama Launched App 

In our current days getting a plumber or an electrician is just a matter of clicking a button. Handymama updated their service as an android app version in 2019. This App is decorated with new features and also updates the experiences of the users. Their App service allows us to choose the professional servicemen directly from mobile as per our need.

Moreover, the help from their professional workers will give you extra time to be productive and allow you to spend more time with your loved ones. The design of the App is much easy and user friendly. There are individual categories for the individual services where you can click one and directly heir your plumber or cleaner or anything you want.

After downloading the App from Google Playstore, you can easily sign up, and then click the avatar of categories which you want to purchase. After that you have to put your address then they will send you a few details of your service. Then go to the detail and place the order through it. In an hour, you will have a call from their customer care and will ask you to confirm the order.

After a few minutes of your confirmation, you will get a notification, and if you click I agree, Finally, they will send you the best matched professional as per your designated time. It will take 2 or 3 hours to finish your whole work.

Increasing the Scope of Job Opportunities

Besides providing various home and office services, HandyMama is also offering many job opportunities and fast payment methods for the service provider people who are registered with them. These professional persons are called as Tasker. 

However, this online service also works for the service providers because they can register from online by fulfilling a form. After that, any professional worker can get extra work from the App when they are free and willing to provide service. By doing this work, they can earn money instantly.  

As an example, Mishu is a painter who works for Handy Mama. This online service fills his free schedule with extra work for that he doesn’t have to pass any day workless. Mishu added that,

It is hard for me to find any holidays, and this is much comfortable that I don’t have to deal or make a fuss about the pricing.”

However, after accepting a task via HandyMama Tasker app, they have to visit the site for estimating the money then they should report about it in the App. When the serviceman wants to take this task, the App notifies him about the client’s exact time.

After that, the Tasker goes to the work location and finishes his work as soon as possible. So, this process allows earning extra money to the people who are experts in these individual work sectors.

Expert and Reliable Service

In our regular life, it is hard to find all the services in one platform, and there is also a question of security. It is hard for us to find service providers immediately who are experts at a reasonable price. Basically home and office both places are sensitive for us. So we always prefer someone for work, whom we can trust and believe.

However, at the time of shifting your office or cleaning your home, you only can rely on someone who is trustable with this. If you can’t verify the exact professional, it may lead you to a short of damage, but when you use the service of HandyMama, you are covered with security and warranty of the service.

Custom Made Packages for the Users

Every human being has different types of needs. Sometimes we face a problem with a refrigerator or with our Tv connection or gas line, which is a complicated task for one man to finish. Sometimes you also need a cleaning service for the whole month, but it is quite expensive and hard to find one person who is willing to do this.

So in this aspect, HandyMama is providing you with a great package that you can customize as per your choice. At the time of ordering from their App, you can choose service time like hourly, weekly, or monthly. This App makes our life more manageable than before with our regular household works.

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In the End…

HandyMama is here to make our life easier than before. It is hard to find any cleaner or service professional on a regular basis. So this startup is pure bliss for us in many aspects. It always ensures safety and quality work and gives us the empowerment to do more with our time and money.

Moreover, getting your home appliance service done is very hard for a working couple in Dhaka. Living in a digital era, HandyMama is the exact App which we all wanted.

So, go to the website of HandyMama or Download an App because there is more life without worrying about your household and office maintenance.

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