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HelloTask: The Uber Of Housemaids
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HelloTask: The Uber Of Housemaids 



rs. Smita, a working woman, has a presentation to make who is also a mother of two children named Lamia and Dina. Today is the last date of the assignment. Mrs. Smita is having a hectic day.

Her day worsened when she heard the news that her housemaid will be absent from the work. This scenario that I have mentioned is prevalent in our country.

In Bengali, we can often put the scenario as “ একদিন আসে তো দুইদিন আসেনা.” This is one of the most heard complaints about housemaids from the women of our country. HelloTask is trying to eradicate the problem and simplify our lives.

Now let’s know what and how Hellotask is doing their job.

What is HelloTask

HelloTask is an on-demand housemaid service. In simple words, if you require housemaids for household works like babysitting, cooking, cloth washing, hello task will is ready to provide housemaids.

The only thing you have to download their app, do registration, and then pay the housemaids hourly.

Another thing that is interesting about housemaids is that they are highly skilled since they are well trained.

How Hellotask Do Their Job?

Imagine you are in need of a housemaid. First of all, Hello task apps have to be downloaded from the play store. After that, you have to make a quick registration. Then you can find available nearby housemaids.

Their interface is like uber. As we all know, in Uber, we can find nearby available cars, we can also feel the same with housemaids, and all of these are possible just because of Hellotask.

Why HelloTask Could Be The Next Big Thing?

Solving a Burning Problem

The problem hellotask is trying to solve right now is a significant problem. If we could do a survey, we would have found out that the problem is more significant than it appears to us. We will see that people, mostly middle-class, are the worst sufferer of housemaids. If hellotask is able to fulfill the needs of their clients, then it would make their life easier indeed.

Empowering Women

Hellotask is empowering women by providing employment opportunities to the woman of the root level. Women in Bangladesh have always been underprivileged, but fortunately, women’s empowerment has been rising more than ever before. Hellotask is going to add another dimension to women empowerment.

Hellotask provides both opportunities and skills to work and earn at the same time.

Giving Housemaids What They Deserve

Housemaids in Bangladesh has always been underpaid. There is no specific law, written record of the transactions made, and no training program. Hellotask has created a platform that can keep the records of commerce that offers safety and training. Hellotask has given housemaids a significant opportunity to contribute to the national GDP.

Hellotask is Providing Training

Skilled man force has always been our necessity. We have seen how our country is devoid of well-trained labors. Hellotask is providing training to their housemaids, which is a great initiative. Now, you can find properly skilled maids with the help of an app.

Paying The Housemaids Hourly

Since you can pay the housemaids hourly, you don’t have to overpay the housemaids. Moreover, since housemaids are paid hourly, they can increase their income by increasing the hours of work they do.

Costing Less Than The Traditional System

If you compare the cost of hello task with traditional maid hiring cost, then you will see that the cost of hellotask is very less. Moreover, you are getting a skilled and well-trained housemaid who is quite great in terms of economy, In short, cheaper, and better maids at a cost-efficient rate.

Ensuring Safety

Hello task ensures the safety of both housemaids and customers. All of the maids are verified. So you don’t have to worry about safety. Moreover, the maids of the hellotask are also well instructed about their safety. So, when it’s about safety hellotask creates a win-win situation for both parties.

Present Status and Achievements

Hello task had its own ups and downs when they started, just like every other startup. Fortunately, hellotask has managed to overcome all the difficulties successfully. Hellotask, at present, has been able to successfully a huge number of clients.

Right now, Hellotask has more than five hundreds of maids, and currently, they are operating in Dhaka only. Recently, Hellotask has signed an MoU with Oxfam. Oxfam is going to provide hellotask 16000 housemaids. Brac has already provided hellotask three hundred housemaids.

The app of hellotask has been downloaded fifty thousand times. It has forty thousand signed up customers. Hellotask has served more than 12000 customers right now.


  1. Champion, BASIS ICT Awards, 2019, Category: Startup, ICT Solutions 
  2. Honorable Mention, Bangladesh Innovation Award, 2019 by Bangladesh Brand Forum 
  3. mBillionth Award, 2019, Winner in South Asia under Inclusion and Empowerment

Future prospect

The future prospect of hellotask is to make their service available in the whole of Bangladesh. Hello task will soon become their app for the ios operating system, which is great news for iPhone users. The key focus of hellotask is bringing a smile to the face of women of the root level by giving women what they deserve.

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