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How chaldal works 

While coming from the office, Mr. Rahim took his colleagues too. Today they had a successful meeting. But Mrs. Rahman had a tough afternoon. Thus their children wanted some snacks, and she could not go to the grocery shop, and now her husband came with guests. 

Both Anika and Shafik are new to Dhaka. The married couple soon after marriage shifts here and have a hectic schedule for their office. Both of them do not want to visit the market.

And those are the times when chaldal came as a savior. Just took the mobile/pc: visit the website or browse the app. And make your cart and order. Everything will be in front of the door within a short time.

Chaldal offering a delivery fee is only BDT 9 if the order value is 400 or more. On the other hand,  they are charging only BDT 19 if the order value is less than 400. 


How everything started


Chaldal was founded in 2013 with the aim of online grocery shopping, where they see seemingly boundless growth opportunities. is an online grocery shop based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. As time is valuable to Dhaka residents and wasting hours in traffic, bad weather, and to wait in line just to buy necessities like vegetables, eggs, fruits, they started their journey to solve this problem. They do not have any physical branch or outlet anywhere; instead, they make a trade by using an online network. They deliver every daily need to their customers’ doorsteps across Dhaka. Chaldal is working on progress, and they are trying to get better over time.


Waseem Alim(Founder & CEO), Before Chaldal, Waseem worked at Sigfig, a Silicon Valley financial technology startup, Zia Ashraf(Founder & COO) Before Chaldal, he was the Head of Operations at a ready-made garments factory in Bangladesh, and Tejas Viswanath(Founder & CTO) is a full-stack engineer. 

The Chaldal founders wanted to make them established by making online grocery shopping seamless. 

Today, the company has not only built a successful online grocery business. They are building a market-place where customers can avail groceries at a reasonable price at their doorstep. But they also managed to build an end-to-end grocery supply chain in the market and try to improve the overall grocery supply chain system in Bangladesh.They have implemented a strategic plan and investment to establish a direct backward connection with farmers, as well as a forward link with smallholder retailers both within and outside Dhaka. In its evolving period, Chaldal has expanded its platform. Now it has a firm stand in the market-place and making itself firmly into the largest grocery supply chain in Bangladesh. 

They had also taken initiatives such as the Chaldal Vegetable Network and logistics operations such as Go Go Bangla.



Chaldal has seen remarkable growth in recent years. Today this company delivers over 4000 orders per day. 

In 2020, amid this coronavirus pandemic when many companies are shut down or face a huge loss. Chaldal managed to continue their operation and role in keeping household grocery demands fulfilled while their customers can stay indoors and safe. Chaldal has now become one of the most important digital trading companies in Dhaka.

While visiting their website or mobile app, one can find various options to buy their products, and of course, one can also search for their desired item.

New Arrival: In this sector, customers can find the products that are recently added to this platform like a new brand of biscuits, noodles, Masala, etc. 

Flash Sales: who is not going to love this section. Here everything is on sale. Just one has to grab the product. This category is loaded with offers. 

Popular: this is an important section because one can find the popular products to be bought from the chaldal. Especially if you are new, you visit this section just to see products.

Baby Care: you have a toddler in your house that keeps you busy all the day. Don’t have time to go outside and visit the nearby market. Just visit Chaldal to order daily food items and also can buy newborn essentials, diapers & wipes, bath & skincare.

Pet Care: Don’t be so surprised to see this feature on the chaldal. They are just making sure that you can save your time. You can order kitten food, cat food, dog food, other pet foods, pet accessories for your pet.

Food: In this section, you can find items like fruits & vegetables, breakfast, beverages, meat & fish, snacks, dairy, frozen & canned, bread & bakery, baking needs, and even diabetes food.

Home & Cleaning: keeping fresh and clean, our home gives us more energy. Items you can find here are air fresheners, dishwashers, cleaning equipment, kitchen accessories, laundry, napkins & paper products, pest control, shoe care, tableware & garbage cans, food storage, and even cleaning accessories.

Office Products: It is not like that chaldal is only providing a service when you are staying at home. Busy life in Dhaka people passed a considerable time in the office. Thus in this category, customers can find items like batteries, writing & drawing equipment, organizing equipment, printing equipment.

Beauty & Health: you fave food, grocery, cleaning items. Now it’s time for health & beauty. In this segment, Chaldaal provides dietary supplements, herbal & digestive aids, first aid, antiseptics, adult diapers, cream & lotion, face treatment, beard grooming, deodorants, shaving requires hair care, oral care, feminine care.

Home Appliances: Make your home sweeter for your chaldal have had this, and they are offering lights & electrical products, tools & hardware like sewing thread box set, feather paint brush, tester, nail cutter, and even kitchen appliances.

Vehicle Essentials: personal car, bike, or cycle always get extra care. Thus one can find various things like Mobile, tire, car fresh, gloves, range in this section.


Their journey as a Company


Chaldal as a company is so big now they have 12 micro-warehouses across Dhaka city. Another 30,000 sq feet warehouse they have built just 

to deliver and not to be out of the stock. 

Chaldal is working on getting bigger day by day. In a strategic plan about a year ago, they made a significant decision to put themselves into the vegetable supply chain. 

This decision led them to Chaldal Vegetable Network (CDVN). It works directly with the farmers. This CDVN has established a direct linkage for Chaldal, allowing it to provide its own vegetables for their customers and also keep the price low.

CDVN is also working with the smallholder retailers across Dhaka. CDVN, on behalf of chaldal, now supplies vegetables to smallholder retailers so they would not collect from vegetables Kawran Bazar or similar wholesale markets. 

Chaldal called their Go-Go Bangla Logistics Division, which manages Chaldal Logistics as well as partnering with small online merchants to help them deliver their orders to their customers. Chaldal provides both storage services and logistical assistance to them. This is to help them in both ways. Chaldal is making profits from their present utilities and also having a great deal of data.


There are many small online retailers that are popularly known as Facebook-commerce in Bangladesh. They are now also emerging with the help of a very low-cost budget, minimum distribution cost, minimum people, and targeted area based marketing. Thus they are now one of the most dominant forces in digital commerce in Dhaka.

 Go-Go Bangla helps these small and medium enterprises entrepreneurs with their logistics team. Those small and medium digital online companies can drop off their deliveries to the Chaldal warehouse, and Go Go Bangla delivers those with their inside Chaldal orders. This unique idea allowed Chaldal to make its logistics more efficient and earn extra revenue from their unused capacities. 


Cookups, an online home-made food delivery service, is another investment by Chaldal. They deal with women who operate small micro-kitchens at home and offer home-made prepared meals to companies and customers.

The strategic investment is offering chaldal an excellent opportunity to acquire new customers and make their name bigger.

Chaldal has not limited their work to Dhaka only. 

Chaldal is running their business in the Rohingya Camp too. They are working with the World Food Program as a supplier. While WFP is remaining as their primary customer, some 26,000-30,000 families collect food from Chaldal distribution points. 


The company says it aims higher. “Our goal is to establish a transactional relationship with every single Bangladeshi business and household,” Chaldal Founder and CEO Waseem Alim says. “Now that could be through the Chaldal market-place, Cookups, through our work in Rohingya camp, through CDVN, Go-Go Bangla, etc.”


Chaldal always loves to hear their customer’s voices; thus, they have an option. If their customers have an idea of how they improve, they can send an email at

Even in this Corona epidemic, they have added they’re an option that includes “covid-19 protection”. This is to make sure that the product is safely going to their destination.

Customers can use their hotline number: +880-188-1234-567 to order over the phone.

Chaldal has its own delivery logistics. So, they do have to wait for other third party help. Thus this helps them to make the delivery faster and more comfortable for their customer.

Customers also have a great privilege that they can give a specific time for delivery, and the chaldal will send the products within that time.

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