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HOW DO YOU FIND A Potential Startup Investor? 

Startups need funding. To run the business, to bring the product to the market, branding the product and making ways for profit; therefore funding is a must. But how can one find their potential startup investor?  

There are multiple types of startup investors

Though there are many potential startup investors, be sure that each one is different.

Angel investors

Big cities come with big opportunities. They are many companies or individuals with high net worth who can be your angel investors. They can be business professions/experts/corporate leaders or even doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc.


Angel investors are often seen in stocks/bonds and a successful startup with great ideas can seek their attention in a public offering. They are eagerly waiting to take risks and it is a lot more fun for them than trading stocks at an online brokerage. 

Getting to meet these types of founders is mixed with luck and investing early in any startup considerably is a risk. But they will invest less. They will have meetings to evaluate your business and then will invest. Either way is beneficial for you because their combined expertise will give you more insight knowledge about the market.


To attract them you have to go for their group meetings. Eyes and ears should be kept open and you can find them on LinkedIn, Facebook, or any other social media. There is a high chance that the response rate might be low but remember a few successes are all you need.


Venture capitalist

In short Venture capitalists are those who have large firms backing them and invest millions in individual startups. They often think out of the box and sometimes their funding can be worth billions. Almost all of them also offer guidance/professionals or even a team that can help you to expand your business. 


It is very easy to find them if you live in a metro city but the tough job is to impress them. But remember, once your idea is great; you have potential and they are willing to fund it can super boost your idea.


Startup Incubator or Accelerator

There are some startup incubators or accelerators who often are non-profit organizations that can help you to find startup investors. What they need is a small percentage of equity and most of the time they will give funding, will offer office space, mentoring even legal advising. Most often they work for a short period of time like six to 12 months. You can apply to an accelerator on their website or can find them on LinkedIn or on other social media platforms.


Government Investors

There are sometimes when your fellow government took different kinds of schemes or plans to fund rising startups. For example, Startup Bangladesh has Announced a 15 Crore Fund for Seven startups. You can read this article to know more. The government established Startup Bangladesh is a very good initiative from the Bangladesh government to promote local startups by funding. You should wait for the right time and if you see opportunities like this give your best shot to gain the funding.



Crowdfunding is usually donation or product based and you will be surprised to know over 17.2 billion was spent on crowdfunding annually. 

And yes, this will not be a cakewalk because marketplaces are very crowded. There are many people, many ideas, of course, there are greater ideas and you can see that some ideas even have a match with you, so there are many asking for funds. So That, you should have an excellent marketing campaign, a great deal of planning with data, and have an impact on social media. To know more you should regularly follow highly successful marketing campaigns to know how they work and how you should design yours.


Your Personal Investors

Basically, their family and friends. If your friends are wealthy, or any member who has money and is willing to take a ride of risk with you, trust you and your business idea they might get interested in funding. If you are confident enough with your idea and looking for funding, try broaching the topic the next time you see them. Give an insight idea of your startup to them, but remember you have to trust them too.


Finding your suitable startup investors is a tough job but always keep in mind it is not impossible to find a suitable startup investor for yourself.

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