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How Shopify’s Partner Program Helped Two Developers Fuel Their Entrepreneurial Dreams
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How Shopify’s Partner Program Helped Two Developers Fuel Their Entrepreneurial Dreams 

SuperLimon Shopify is a simple and easy-to-use plugin for chatting with customers of e-commerce stores and sending order-related notifications via WhatsApp. The app uses 20,000 merchants from 50+ countries and dozens of languages, with 1700+ customers paying.

This is quite an interesting story and began a little differently. 

How Shopify’s Partner Program Helped Two Developers

Long before Preetam Nath (27) and Sankalp Jonna (28) carved a suitable for themselves by launching WhatsApp plugins and a unique customer support service for category stores, starting a business was not part of the SuperLemon app founder plan. So, what got them together and SuperLimon now and now DelightChat – clicked to launch together? The frustration and the desire to take the road less travel. A stable ecosystem provided by Shopify through technical expertise and ethical guidelines that further assisted them with their entrepreneurial journey. 

It started with a friend telling me to create an app on Shopify and create more than 20,000 monthly recurring income (MRR) per month with one person’s activities. Another reason they are attracted to Shopify’s partner ecosystem is that they can access the app marketplace where about 1.7 million merchants visit regularly. 

Incidentally, Pritam tried his hand before dropping as a Shopify merchant, so he had a preliminary idea of ​​how the e-commerce platform worked. They started researching keyword combinations for a full two days. It took less than a week for Shopify to design the WhatsApp plugin for merchants and help them communicate with their clients through the messaging app. They launched the app in 2019 with the technical support of Shopify. They noticed how many people were asking to improve these apps and listed all the complaints they would make. After that, they started making that product for the purpose of resolving these complaints.

Launched in February 2021, the app is still in beta testing. But will they choose Shopify again? “We’ve looked at some data and found that about 100 percent of Shopify’s stores are still not using any helpdesk solution, even among the top-ranked ones,” said Pritam. “Our experience managing Superlimon has not prepared us for the kind of challenges we face with DelightChat,” he said. 

The model scale of Superlimon’s business is also very different from DelightChat.

“For example, the average customer of Superlimon would have to pay around 17 USD and not require a lot of hands holding to set up the product, while the average customer is willing to pay 10x times more for daylight chat,” -Pritam.

With over 15,000 Shopify stores using SuperLomon, the app is registering more than 5 million impressions per day from Internet users around the world.

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