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Hult Prize Competition 2021 MBSTU Teams Invited for Regional Round 

The Hult Prize Competition 2021 On Campus rounds are done. The participant teams, co-hosts, locations have been officially announced by the esteemed foundation. MBSTU has participated in this year’s competition and has two teams advancing in the regional round.

Hult Prize Competition 2021 MBSTU Teams Invited for Regional Round

The two teams of MBSTU (Mawlana Bhashsani Science and Technology University) that have been invited to attend the regional rounds are- Team Green Mart and Team Green House. These teams previously won the MBSTU Hult Prize Competition 2021 On campus round as winner and runner up. These teams will be representing their university as well as the country.

The teams have been invited to attend the Hult Prize Impact Summit 2021. This installment is yet to see 50 cities in the world that will hold these summits. These summits will be hosting the regional final rounds all over the world ventured by the Hult Prize Foundation.

Team Green Mart and Team Green House will be attending the Hult Prize 2021 Bangkok and Kolkata Impact Summit. According to the participants, 

“Being a participant in the Bangkok Regional Summit in one of the great achievements that we can mention. We are honored and delighted to be a part of the Hult Prize Foundation. At the same time, we are heading toward bigger challenges. Now the responsibility is way more as we are going to represent our university and country. We are giving our best effort and hoping to be successful.”

This year has seen a record-breaking pool of 300,000+ participants from 121 countries for the Hult Prize Competition. The $1 million flagship Startup Program prize pool is something all these entrepreneurs, innovators, and change-makers want to achieve. This year’s challenge is “Food for Good”. The goal is to reduce and eradicate food scarcity by coming up with innovative ideas to strike down hunger as one of the major UN SDG goals.

Information for the MBSTU Hult Prize 2021 can be found here on the official MBSTU Hult Prize page- and their Facebook page-  

 For more information on the Hult Prize Foundation check out this link: 

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