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ICE-UNDP Virtual Internship Opportunity For Enthusiastic Entrepreneurs

ICE-UNDP Virtual Internship Opportunity For Enthusiastic Entrepreneurs 

hose who were eagerly waiting for an internship opportunity, here is a piece of good news for you all! If you’re an interdisciplinary student, studying at the graduate (advanced) or postgraduate level, then this internship is a worthful opportunity for you.

ICE-UNDP Virtual Internship Opportunity

The Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship Center, also known as the ICE Center of Dhaka University is going to organize a virtual internship for interested people in this pandemic time. In this Virtual Internship, United Nations Development Program (UNDP) will be the partner of the ICE Center. 

UNDP and ICE Center have taken this initiative to support COVID -19 affected Cottage, Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprise (CMSMEs) of Bangladesh. The concerned authority has different purposes behind organizing this program –

  • Providing Advises, Training and Mentorship Services
  • Listening to the stories of CMSMEs
  • Assisting for reviving the loss facing businesses
  • Sharing the findings with the policymakers and other stakeholders 
  • Arranging for effective policy decision and implementation 

That’s why they have named this program “REVIVE.” The tagline for this exceptional program is “Be the Empathetic Leader to REVIVE the Economy TOGETHER.”

  • Eligibilities needed for the Applicants –
  1. Should be visionary and enthusiastic about entrepreneurship
  2. Should have an innovative and entrepreneurial mindset
  3. Must have patience and perseverance for the cause
  4. His/Her passion should be about actively contributing to one of the flagship initiatives of the ICE Center
  5. The applicant has to be comfortable with virtual platforms
  6. He/She should have a professional mindset and be responsible 
  7. Must be a team player who respects diversity 
  • Duties and Responsibilities of the Interns –

– Doing research analysis (extracting the core message, with classifying and presenting the data in aggregate form)

– Being the change agent to help the ICE Center to achieve its overarching vision i.e. An Innovation-Driven Entrepreneurial Bangladesh 

– Being a designer and developer of outreach contents

– Having management expertise, along with website & social media engagement 

– Being a knowledge management specialist (Content development and resource materials) 

Mainly, the interns have to collect stories virtually of the CMSMEs throughout Bangladesh and present them in the described format.

ICE-UNDP Virtual Internship Opportunity

  • Benefits the Interns will receive meanwhile and afterward –
  • Experience to communicate with the CMSMEs of Bangladesh
  • Monthly Allowance
  • Experience Certificate
  • Opportunity to work with global experts on research, training, and advocacy
  • Able to work in a diverse and interdisciplinary team
  • Interpersonal Development (Communication & Stakeholder Management) 
  • Training from Experts
  • Learn about Policies and help to implement them with impact at the beneficiary level
  • Contribute to the lives, initiatives, and happiness of the CMSMEs of Bangladesh
  • Network and Exposure with Innovators, Entrepreneurs, Companies, Policymakers, and other Stakeholders
  • Few important pieces of information about this Virtual Internship –
  • The interview of applicants will happen online
  • The deadline for applying is 1st September 2020
  • Short-Listed Applicants will be contacted

The ICE Center of DU always keeps arranging various skill upgrading facilities for students from all backgrounds (Science, Arts, Business, Social Science, etc.). This virtual internship is another contribution to the young generation’s workaholic people.

So why delay? Register your name for the online interview at and grab this long-awaited opportunity!

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