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India and Bangladesh Angel Networks Teaming Up 

India and Bangladesh Angel networks are teaming up to generate opportunities in venture investment. This team up is bound to open up new ventures and investment possibilities for entrepreneurs from both countries.

Angel investors are the primary investors during the early stages of any startup business. It’s a critical stage which may decide on the future of the company. Therefore, angel networks are very important and much needed for young entrepreneurs. Especially, during the pandemic, there has been a rise in entrepreneurial startups which calls for a massive amount of venture capital investment.

India and Bangladesh Angel Networks Are Teaming Up 

IAN (Indian Angel Network) and BAN (Bangladesh Angels Network) aim to work as partners to crowdsource, and promote links in fintech startup businesses in both countries. The objective is to enable a venture investment enabling environment in favour of the neighbouring countries.

Both IAN and BAN are major angel investment platform of the countries. They have announced about the partnership on November 9th, 2020.

The companies are planning to pull together venture of investment opportunities, where both regions hold mutual interest. They are going to arrange digital joint-showcases of entrepreneurial startup businesses; advertise joint investments, and share knowledge among both communities.

Angel Networks of the Partnership

The largest angel investment network of India is the Indian Angel Network (IAN). The firm is based in the capital of India- New Delhi. Bangladesh Angels Network (BAN) is the first ever angel investment network firm in Bangladesh.

Angel networks are primary investment firms which provide seed money to startup businesses they find potential in. these angel networks are generally made of similar-minded individuals with capital to invest as venture capitals.

Overview of the Partnership

The startup bridge is going to open up a lot of possibilities between the two neighbouring countries. This is a huge inspiration towards the budding entrepreneurs from both regions. The endless possibilities of leadership and innovation through venture investment have opened its door for the youth of the regions.

Padmaja Ruparel, the Co-Founder of Indian Angel Network has said, “We are delighted to partner with BAN to launch the ‘Startup Bridge’ between India and Bangladesh and reflects the growing interest in angel investing across the Sub Continent. The ‘Bridge’ will hopefully bring the startup ecosystems of the two countries much closer. It promises to enable entrepreneurs to access much larger markets, talent pools, funds & provide Angel investors many more investing opportunities and bring innovative solutions to corporates. This is one more step in bringing the Bangladesh ecosystem in line with other more developed ecosystems and best practices from such jurisdictions.” 

said Nirjhor Rahman, the CEO of Bangladesh Angels. 

The fact that Indian and Bangladeshi Angel Networks are teaming up is bound to bring in other investors from more firms and foreign countries. This is going to open up great possibilities between the regions and promote joint investment venture opportunities.

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