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InnovX Scaleups 2022 Cohort
Startup Opportunities

InnovX Scaleups 2022 Cohort 

Want to go global with your innovative solution? Interested in working with Microsoft and UiPath? Want a specialist to perfect your product?

Join InnovX-BCR and gain global exposure.InnovX-BCR will begin its search for cutting-edge technology companies with global impact this fall. Twenty students will be selected to receive full funding for a six-week online intensive course in business, finance, and technology, after which they will be eligible for a wide range of additional benefits.


InnovX Scaleups 2022 Cohort


Power derived from passion and commitment. The business accelerator known as InnovX-BCR. They want to make sure that you have the information, connections, and resources that will allow you to be successful in business. They have reintroduced the accelerator programme for cutting-edge technological innovations in order to assist businesses in establishing a product that is scalable and in exploring markets that have not yet been exploited.


InnovX is a diligent programme that accelerates the growth of your company or business idea by condensing the years of knowledge gained through experience into just a few short months.


They have successfully managed to raise $164.3k in direct funding for UniVRse Education, Axosuits, and 150 other companies, in addition to $77m for alumni companies from investors such as Gapminder VC and Early Game VC, among others.


Program Details 


Location: ( Bucharest, Romania. )Virtual


Time: Sep 5-Dec 12 (14 weeks)


Application Deadline: 26 August




  • In any technological sector, you have registered a micro-enterprise or a social enterprise (legal person or authorised natural person).

The legal person must have been established within the last five years by a student or graduate of higher education (university) with a technological/financial/business profile, or by a corporate turned entrepreneur.

  • The incorporated entities must have a turnover or have received funding/investment in excess of 500k €. The turnover may be added to that of other companies with which it forms a group under the SME Law (in the case of companies).
  • Do you have an innovative startup that is just getting started and does not yet meet the eligibility criteria? Apply for one of their two Challenger positions and take your solution to the global stage.


TRL 5 – technology validated in relevant environment (industrially relevant environment in the case of key enabling technologies) 

TRL 3 – experimental proof of concept 

TRL 4 – technology validated in lab 

TRL 5 – technology validated in relevant environment (industrially relevant environment in the case of key enabling technologies)


To apply


Program Description


Beginning in the fall of this year, InnovX-BCR will conduct a global search for the most innovative and forward-thinking technology companies. Twenty students will be chosen to receive full funding for a six-week online intensive course in business, finance, and technology. After successfully completing the course, the students will become eligible for a wide variety of additional benefits.


If you become a member of their Alumni network, you will be given convenient access to a wide variety of resources. These resources include global partners, investors (including angel investors and venture capitalists), mentors, and networking events. In order to launch your disruptive solution onto the world’s largest markets, you will need to locate key corporate clients and meet with them, submit a joint application for a Horizon Grant, launch a global marketing push, and perhaps even attend an international conference together.


About the Organizers


The InnovX accelerator is a rigorous programme that accelerates your company or business idea by condensing years of experience into a few months. Consider a dynamic business environment where you can constantly assess what is working and what needs to be changed. Furthermore, you are constantly interacting with others in an environment that values creativity and healthy rivalry. You will achieve your objectives in just three months.

You will receive funding and support for the duration of the programme and beyond, as well as access to ongoing educational resources, networking opportunities, mentoring from successful business people, and other benefits.

Travel to major financial centres such as London, Barcelona, Tel Aviv, and Silicon Valley to pitch your innovative technological concepts.

INNOVX’s core values are as follows:

  1. Innovation 
  2. Hard Work 
  3. Cooperation
  4. Sustainability 
  5. Ethics




If you want to bring your innovative solution to a global scale, discover new strategic clients in your target markets, and form partnerships with the leading players in those markets, then this is the right cohort for you.


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