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Intrinsic Surges with $113 Million in Series A Funding
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Intrinsic Surges with $113 Million in Series A Funding 

Intrinsic, a rising startup in the health & welfare e-commerce scene, closed a deal with traditional venture capital firms such as lead investor Define Ventures and direct-to-consumer-focused Link Ventures. Both ventures are very close to Intrinsic, with the managing partner of Define ventures, Lynne Chou O’Keefe, joining the board of directors’ table.

Intrinsic Surges with $113 Million in Series A Funding

This large amount of funding is not a piece of recent news because the announcement of the partnership has been confirmed in mid-may 2021. The startup was an idea of the current founders to acquire and accelerate health & wellness brands available on Amazon and other e-commerce channels. Their proud partner, Redesign Health, is also a healthcare platform that empowers healthy lives. Intrinsic currently focuses on Mothers with pregnancy & the baby, Healthy Aging, Orthopedics, Digestive Health, Immune Support, Eye Health, Skincare, and many more. They also work to bring more capital in the health and wellness sector, healthcare market analysis & expertise, supply chain analysis, etc.

The face of Intrinsic, Yadin Shemmer, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, sheds some light on their noble cause by stating:

“Intrinsic is building the consumer health products business of tomorrow by acquiring and accelerating eCommerce native brands. Health & wellness eCommerce is immense and growing at a breakneck pace as consumers move their spending online. Intrinsic is purpose-built to meet this opportunity and address the unique needs of consumers and founders in the category.” 

Intrinsic’s new announcement of creating a medical advisory board brings more dynamics and expertise on board with the addition of five esteemed medical personnel. The medical advisory members include Dr. Theodore Leng (Ophthalmology), Dr. Laurie Green (Obstetrics/Gynecology), Dr. Dena Bravata (Internal Medicine), Dr. David Suarez (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation), and Dr. Rachel Walsh (Veterinary Medicine).

Their partnership with celebrity surgeon Dr. Mehmet Oz and motivational speaker Tony Robbins is also a great decision to enhance their market strategies as well as their funding. However, both also add controversy because of their previous allegations.

Intrinsic’s vision to bring a change to the health and wellness space is exemplary, and its pool of experts will surely achieve its goals. To learn more about them, visit:

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