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Investors Ready to Snatch Early-stage Startup Deals in India

Investors Ready to Snatch Early-stage Startup Deals in India 

India is currently in one of the most critical stages due to the pandemic. With an overwhelming unemployment rate and social unrest, the country’s startup scene has never been better off. Numerous big-league investors from different countries flock into the world’s second-largest internet market to invest. But these investment decisions came just recently when India saw massive growth in the entrepreneurial world.

Investors Ready to Snatch Early-stage Startup Deals in India

While there are more than 70 startups currently in talks with different high-profile investing firms, some of them are yet to make a deal. Sequoia Capital India, one of the most prestigious investing firms, is ready to make deals with two dozens of startups that include Register Book, an eponymous bookkeeping app development firm, BambooBox, a SaaS platform MailModo, an email marketing software company.

Vaibhav Domkundwar, the founder of Better Capital which has invested in more than 140 startups including, Khatabook and neobank Open, states that:

“Pre-seed and seed-stage momentum is at its peak, but we are also seeing preemptive rounds at Series As and Bs now,”

Bipin Shah, a partner at Titan Capital, also states the current increasing investment by saying:

“Over the last year or so, we believe over 500 companies have gotten funded at the seed stages in India,”

Rising edtech startups have also been in the spotlight. Filo, a startup that manages an eponymous tutor app, and BrightCHAMPS, a platform for kids to get into maths and coding, are in discussion with GSV to raise their capital.

Huge investments from high-profile firms come in the early stages because of the lower cost of stakes before the valuation. That’s why India is soaring with massive interest from billion-dollar firms. 

While these investments bring many positive impacts, not everyone is inclined with the thought. Moreover, the intervention of big players in the investment field makes it harder for small firms to source new deals.

Sequoia Capital India, Matrix, and Lightspeed India Partners are some of the biggies that make it difficult for micro VCs/seed VCs to compete.

Some notable startups in talks with different investing firms include radio and podcast aggregator app Kuku FM, Bharatagri (crop management platform), Vegrow (a startup for farmers), Bijak (a b2b marketplace to trade agricultural commodities), Reshamandi (a supply chain startup).

India has one of the largest economy in the world, with loads of entrepreneurs and startups. Investment from big and small investing firms provides sustainability and growth for the startups. While there might be debate about the excessive intervention of big firms, the overall impact offers a multitude of opportunities for everyone. Let’s wait and see what the future holds for the rising startups and how investors ready to snatch early-stage startup deals in India.

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