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Jabo App Is Launched: Safe, Reliable & Affordable On Demand Transportation
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Jabo App Is Launched: Safe, Reliable & Affordable On Demand Transportation 


arking Koi’ is a well-known name amongst Bangladesh service start-ups. Founder Rafat Rahman and his team have been working actively since 2017 to solve problems related to car parking. Jabo App is launched by him.

Jabo App Is Launched

This time he and his successful team are going to start another service startup. After solving the car parking problem, they are coming up with a new app-based service, ‘Jabo’. Safe roads are the only demand of the people in the fragile transport system of Bangladesh.

The road will be safe only when the passengers are assured of safe travel in the vehicle. And ‘Jabo’ has come forward, bearing the aim in mind.

‘Jabo’ is Bangladesh’s very first public transportation based mobile-app.

‘Jabo’ passengers will get into the car without pushing, without standing in long lines, by reserving seats with the aid of the app. Under the supervision of a skilled and experienced driver, air-conditioned vehicles are monitored by CCTV cameras around the clock.

There is free WiFi, books, music, and drinking water along the way. The ‘Jabo’ team unveiled their groundbreaking activities on May 7 to provide men and women with safe travel. Jabo’s official app was released on May 7.

No passenger would be able to get into ‘Jabo’s’ car in a rush without booking a seat in the app. You need to have the ‘Jabo’ app on your phone to get a comfortable and secure travel experience.

Also approved customers who have signed up for ‘Jabo ‘s website can receive the software from the thousands of interested customers. You can also sign up by going to- 

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