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JoBike Healthy Ride Sharing|Step Towards Smart & Clean City

JoBike Healthy Ride Sharing|Step Towards Smart & Clean City 

hen you are a dweller of Dhaka, you are surely exhausted by traffic jams, air pollution, sound pollution, and many other problems. This list just gets larger and larger. Especially if we talk about traffic jams there’s no end of the hassles that we face in our city Dhaka.  Therefore, JoBike healthy ride sharing service has taken the step to find a smart and clean city.

Every day a huge amount of time is being spent or wasted in Dhaka due to traffic jams. Moreover, A huge amount of money is spent on using transport services like Rickshaw, Uber, Pathao, Local buses, and so on. Jobike ride sharing service comes forward for making a beautiful city.

Though riding services like Pathao, Uber, Shohoz, Obhai has added another dimension to public transport services it hasn’t fully solved problems like traffic jams, air pollution, sound pollution, and wastage of time. According to some people out there, some riding services has just intensified the problem of traffic jam.

Fortunately, there is something that may be the solution to all the problems that we are having nowadays. Even though I’m not sure whether the problem will actually be solved or not I’m more or less sure if almighty wills these problems will be lessened.

All the readers out there may have started to wonder how. Here, today I’m going to introduce all of you to one of my favorite startup, JoBike healthy ride sharing service.

JoBike Healthy Ride Sharing Service

JoBike ride sharing service is a startup that offers bicycles on rent. We all love bicycles because Bicycles are fun and great to ride. In fact, Bi Cycles are also very handy if you want to ride fast and safe. Again, Bi-cycles are environmentally sound, health-friendly, and entertaining.

Many people every day do cycling as part of daily exercise. Cycling is termed as a green ride by people of different classes. People, of every age, are fond of cycles.

There are hardly any people who haven’t use a cycle for riding. That’s why Jo bike can be the next big thing in Bangladesh after Pathao and Uber.

How JoBike Ride Sharing Service Works

Every bicycle contains activated GPS. So one can easily track the jo bikes from their phone. First of all, one has to register on Jobike by downloading the app from the google play store.

Jobike App is not available currently on iPhone but the jo bike team is working hard so that they can ensure jo bike on the Mac operating system too as soon as possible. Doing a registration is not a difficult task in the case of a JoBike. 

What one has to do is to just download the app then entre some information and after that one is ready to take the service of jo bike. In the areas that are currently under jo bike, one will find a recharge center. Where one can easily recharge. Unlike Uber or pathao, the system of payment is quite different from JoBike.

The payment of Jo bike is not measured by distance, it’s measured by the time that one has used, Currently, one can use one hour of JoBike with just 30 Bangladeshi takas. Which is surely a lot less than what we pay for a rickshaw in Dhaka. Sometimes JoBike coupons are available which offer discounts at different rates.

 After recharging, one has to find a cycle that can be found in the cycle stand or anywhere else in the area. Boards, with QR codes, are attached both in front and back of the cycles. What one has to do is scan the QR code through the smartphone and the cycle will be ready for use.

Now after unlocking the cycle it’s possible to ride only in the areas that are under the coverage of jo bike. We are hoping that Jobike will soon bring the entire country under the coverage of JoBike. 

Currently, people can use  JoBike on Dhaka, Jahangir Nagar University, Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, and Coxs Bazar. In Dhaka only Gulshan-1, Gulshan-1, Dhaka University, South Badda, and Mirpur DOHS are available. Unfortunately, in some areas, the service of Jobike is closed due to the pandemic COVID-19.

Some FAQs About JoBike Bangladesh

However, there is a certain question that arises in our mind. The first question that comes to our mind is what if these cycles are stolen? Well, the cycles have built in activated GPS which is not easy to destroy at all, So, where ever you take this cycle you just can not escape. So, stealing is not an option if you are talking about JoBike.

Secondly, another question that comes up in our mind is what if we take jo bike to for example t our classes and we wish to end our ride do we have to take the cycle back to the stand or not.

The answer is very simple you can end your ride anywhere in the service area wherever you desire to do so. JoBike has vans that can carry your cycles back to the station again.

Jobike app process

There’s also an important question of what if someone steals the cycle while riding. If something like this happens you have to inform the authority as soon as possible and also you may have to pay something for this type of occurrence but chances are very less in this case.

Another similar question that rises in our mind is what if someone faces an accident while riding JoBike. In case of accident surely, JoBike is not responsible but if any damage is done to the cycle while riding due to accidents one has to pay for that too. 

About JoBike Founder & Ceo

 Mehdi Reza is the founder of Jobike who has also worked with Alibaba in China. Unlike any other normal entrepreneur, this person likes to address “JoBike” as a solution rather than an Idea.

Mehdi Reza is also the CEO of JoBike. Mehdi Reza, founder of Jobike got this idea while working in China. Mehdi Reza has done very well as a CEO and soon he has decided to increase the number of cycles and stations. 


 As the founder and Ceo of JoBike, Mehdi Reza’s dream is to contribute to building clean and smart cities in Bangladesh. 


 Just like every other startup, there are some problems with Jobike too. A few cycles, a few stations, and available only in a few areas are the major problem of JoBike.

 At last, we hope that Jobike ride sharing service will help in building a clean, healthy, and sound city it will also play a massive role in GDP. Best of luck to Mr. Mehdi Reza, the Jobike team, and all the JoBike users for the future. 


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