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Khaasfood : Organic Grocery Shop in Bangladesh
Khaasfood Organic Grocery Shop in Bangladesh

Khaasfood : Organic Grocery Shop in Bangladesh 

K is the leading Organic Grocery Shop in Bangladesh. Its primary focus is to deliver the organic product to the doorstep of its consumer. The team of khaasfood always try to pay attention to the health status of their potential users. They always maintain this strategy as a principle in their service and provide safe organic food in Bangladesh.

Organic Grocery Shop in Bangladesh

After starting their journey, Khashfood tried their best and invested a lot of effort to provide safe food to the doorstep of the customers. To increase the awareness of hygienic food habits, food adulteration, the safety of foods among the people, they launched many campaigns. It increases their popularity overnight as the best organic online shop in Bangladesh.

Moreover, it is tough to find authentic organic food online. So, as an organic food provider, khaasfood won that sector with its trustable service. Almost all types of food are available on their online site. The examples are rice, honey, flour, mastered oil, sunflower oil, masalas, milk, eggs, sugar, beverage, snacks etc. they try to provide all fresh foods so that it is healthy for us to eat.

On the other side, khash food also gives you the best packages to attract you with their deals. They have an offer that is if you buy more than 1000tk products, they will give you free delivery.

Most of the time, the prices of the products on their site are much more reasonable than the local Bazar. For this reason, many people want to buy organic foods from their shop rather than going to a local shop.

Initial Stage of Khaasfood

The chairman and co-founder of khaas food are Habibul Mustafa. Khaas food owner and his team are doing a great job by providing the best service, and this strategy is making their company more successful. They started their journey in 2015.

However, at first, they started their journey as a Facebook page. From this page, they always got a handful of orders from various cities. The on-demand products were milk, honey and flour.

They were concerned about each of their deliveries, that’s why customers always gave them a positive review of their products. Finally, from this vast inspiration, they came up with this startup idea and now making our lives easier in many aspects. 

After this, they launched a website and started taking orders frequently from here as well. In the last 3 years, they have gained fame as an e-commerce company. Now they are giving their significant service from their page and website both. In the present time, this company serves hundreds of orders daily and labeled them as a safe food brand in Dhaka.

Moreover, this food-based startup also expanded its business as physical retail. There are four khaas food outlets in Dhaka and one in Chittagong also. They are using their outlets as retail and warehouse both.

Currently, they have 35 suppliers for various products in their working history. So, serving organic food online is a revolutionary idea to build up a profitable business and a successful startup.

Warehouse Management 

They have four warehouses in Dhaka city, and they are positioned in Dhanmondi Mohammadpur, Badda and Uttara. When the delivery orders came, they tried to respond to the orders from these outlets. Sometimes orders come from various cities.

They always try to send the product as soon as possible to the buyers. Except for Dhaka they have a warehouse in Chittagong. So they also responded from Chittagong outlets when the order came from nearby areas.

Moreover, the unique idea about Khashfood is they take online orders and also offer offline service, where consumers can buy their required product from their retail shops. This service allows the customers to check their products before purchase. For this reason, the customer started to buy more products from them.

Supplier Management

However, as a food-based startup, Khaash food always depends fairly on their suppliers. They always pay attention to the suppliers who provide genuine and authentic products.

In the end, they have invested in the market of suppliers who can be able to provide them with safe organic foods. After that, Khaashfood got much appreciation for fulfilling the satisfaction of its customers, and it has encouraged them to invest more in the suppliers.

However, the best product that got much popularity is Khaas food Ghee and Honey. There is much reputation for Bangladesh honey all over the world. So suppliers collect authentic honey for Khashfood, and they try to deliver this as per their customer’s expectation. They also deliver the best dairy products to their consumers.

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Today’s Challenges

Funding is one of the most concerning issues for startups. Khashfood also faced problems with funding in their initial Stage and they are also facing it now. E- grocery business management and established 5/6 retail houses are much more expensive nowadays. So it was a great challenge for them to expand their business and provide safe food service at the same time.

Moreover, they also provide perishable products and these products need to be reached before they get spoiled. They need to take extra care of sensitive products and should take the responsibility for customers’ expectations. Sometimes it is tough for the team to take care of each product. So maintaining the supply chain, inventory management, and logistics is really a hard job to run smoothly.     

Future Visions

The vision of the best Organic Grocery Shop in Bangladesh is to deliver its product all over the country. They are already taking orders from many cities, but sometimes it is hard for them to deliver products in some remote areas. So they want to make an improvement in this sector and want to be the leading organic food provider in Bangladesh. 

Currently khaas food is planning a large scale of operation with the farmers and producers in a contract farming model. From this contract, they want the scalability of the business and hold the best product for maintaining the reputation of their startup. It is also financially profitable for their company and will make a stable economy chain for its future development.

Maintain competition in the marketplace 

Many online groceries have indeed grown in the marketplace, and it is true that completion got more serious than before. It is very tough for each company to survive in the competition and achieve potential customers. People always want to buy the product from them who are able to meet their satisfaction and give them the best service continuously.

However, Khaas food is doing very well to make them successful in this market place. Their strategy is not to fight with the big grocery companies, and food retails. They have a totally different perspective and offerings are much different than the other companies.

Their motive is to provide the best product at a reasonable price, but their strategy has never been selling products at a cheap-average price. So they are always giving the supreme service to the buyers.

In the End….

The word ‘Khaas’ means ‘special’ or ‘best. So the name of their startup indicates that they are always up for serving the best food. The condition of health is not much better in city areas. People are buying products without knowing, is there any preservative or not in the product.

The mass people finally started to pay attention when the mobile court raided various food vendors and found medicine and formalin in the food.

So, it is now a need for us to get the food items from some vendors who are trustworthy and will provide the best safe food. In this perspective, Khaas food is doing their job and serving the organic product from online and delivering them to our footsteps.

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