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Khaidai Today CEO Ar Aminul Islam Shagor -Young Man With Whimsical Idea

Khaidai Today CEO Ar Aminul Islam Shagor -Young Man With Whimsical Idea 

haidai-Today Ltd is country’s one of the emerging grocery store that focuses on becoming Bangladesh’s one-stop food platform. Founding Khaidai-Today was just as hard as every startup but the experience is quite different. Let’s hear this from Khaidai Today CEO, Founder Ar Aminul Islam Shagor, Storytelling by me.

Khaidai Today CEO Ar Aminul Islam Shagor: Young Man With Whimsical Idea

Every life is a story of struggle, and every life is a story of tough times. In my case, this perhaps is one of the most significant truths. Maybe because I have always wanted to live differently, or maybe it’s because I wanted to be different, or perhaps I wanted to do something different. Whatever may be the reason is I do like to change the way people work and think.

I was born and raised in Rangpur CMH as My father was an army personal. After my father’s retirement, he started doing business. Unfortunately, at the very beginning, his business didn’t see the light of success.

So, I can say I, along with my family, had an adamant time back then. Maybe, in my subconscious mind, I decided then to do something big, something exceptional when I would grow up. If you ask me when I decided to become an entrepreneur, I will say, of course, in my childhood.

Life goes on, and so did my life. I appeared in the JSC examination from RBR Govt. High School, Dimla, Nilphamari. As far as I can remember, we were the first batch to appear in the JSC examination and perhaps the only batch that attended 2 exams a day and I got GPA- 2.79.

After JSC, I decided to take science. Now I guess, most readers would wonder why I took science, not because of my passion but because my parents wanted me to become an engineer or a doctor.

However, I managed to get a GPA-5.00 in SSC-13 from BIAM Model School & College, Rangpur. Which really inspired me towards higher education. But some exciting events changed my mind on becoming a doctor and an engineer.

Those who were used to tutor me were very talented but what happened was they were graduates and unemployed. I could still imagine the scenario where they were sweating their shirt while going door to door to get a job.

This helped me in realizing the actual scenario of the job market after 10 years. I understood if talented people like them couldn’t get a job, it would also be an almost impossible task for me to get a job.

The incident that I’ve mentioned above is another reason why I am today in entrepreneurship. Once again, in the HSC, I did very well, and I got a GPA-5.00 in HSC in 2015. But when it comes to the admission test, I was barely motivated as I’ve mentioned before that my tutors who were toppers of the university could hardly get a job themselves; who am I to get an appointment for myself?

So, I started to imagine myself as a business tycoon. If someone asks me again when I began to think of myself as an entrepreneur, I would recommend from my childhood as I have mentioned before.

Though I have done a good result, I wasn’t motivated enough in my admission test examination. Back in 2012, I was involved with the skin cream and perfume business. This was totally a traditional form of business, but this really helped me become who I am today.

I, along with a few other people, started selling skin cream and perfumes. Then we realized that we could easily create a company with everyone’s little contribution to the team.

So, we formed a company named “Pure Heart,” which is the beginning of my entrepreneurship journey. We started our operations of ‘pure heart’ in north Bengal, and we made our own cosmetics product.

Moreover, we applied different types of marketing techniques and strategies. Someday I stood in front of the school with leaflets, sometimes I worked in the fair stalls. In fact, I used to market my product through mikes. We used different kinds of models there.

Khaidai Today Founder Ar Aminul Islam ShagorOnce, we tried to use a commission-based business model. Where women were used to selling our products, and we employed over 1500 women.

We formed a pure heart in 2014 with only 3 products, and pure Heart has over seventy+ products now. This decision taken by 5 young aspiring entrepreneurs has helped me a lot in understanding consumer behavior.

Pure Heart helped me in developing business skills in a great sense. I used to take part in every marketing operation to understand how the traditional market, value chain system, and consumer behavior works.

Since I always wanted to grow bigger and bigger, I decided to have an exit from the Pure Heart company. I always dreamt of creating something big and digitalizing the traditional business we have around us. In 2017, I met with Saurav Bhai and Sauda apu, who was running a Facebook page named Khaidai Today Ltd. I joined them and started to learn about the digital ecosystem.

Khaidai Today Ltd was only a small food delivery page on Facebook. They used to take orders with phone calls. They went to Japan the very next year for higher studies, and I acquired their company. Then I gave my full focus on Khaidai Today Ltd.

I always dreamt of acquiring the whole market of the country, so I started to understand the consumer behavior of food delivery in Rangpur and Bogra, and that is why I piloted Khaidai Today in those cities first.

I started taking orders of food through phone calls and our Facebook page.  Unfortunately, we were unable to serve the customers properly because it was difficult for us to manage the orders for us.

So, we decided to launch an app that will lessen our problems in taking orders—this where a new trial began for me. I didn’t know that every app needs re-updating every day, and everyone out there who could build apps demanded a large amount of money from me.

I met each and everyone from the industry, but they demanded a tremendous amount of money, which was sure couldn’t be paid by us.

Finally, Shah Jalal Jonak vaiya, who is currently the student of rocket science in Russia, he connected me to Rafat Hossain vaiya and he developed our app and website and its 7.6th version now and he is playing his role as Chief Technology Officer at Khaidai Today Ltd.

In the middle of these, I came to know the team of Parking Koi. I have seen Rafat Bhai, Sabbir Bhai, and Sabbir Bhai. All of them have helped me a lot in their own way. They have taught me how to maintain the corporate culture and each tiny detail possible about the startup ecosystem.

In 2019 November, we launched our first online grocery platform in Dhaka. Now we are serving in 9 cities( Dhaka, Rangpur, Bogra, Chittagong, Khulna, Barisal, Kushtia, Rajshahi, Mymensingh). In the future, we want to create a food supply chain that will ensure healthy and organic food materials. We want to make a one-stop platform only for food. If someone wants food, whether it’s restaurants or their own, we believe we will be the most cooperative people there.

I started Khaidai Today Ltd. with Parvez vhaiya, Nazmul Shovon, and Sumon vhaiya. Now we are an entire team of 35 people. Now, the only thing that we are focusing on is to give relief to our fathers who carry their heavy groceries back in-home every day.

I believe it is a complicated or troublesome task for them, which I want to lessen. We want to establish our service in 30cities at the end of 2021, and in 2022 we want to cover every district of Bangladesh.

We have served almost sixty-eight thousand plus orders, and we have now served over 50,000+ customers. Our company’s, Chief Operating Officer  Safkat Islam, participated in the Entrepreneurship World Cup in 2020. The most exciting part is I was unaware of that. We could get ourselves successfully in the top 10. Our company’s current value net worth 10 crores.

There is a clear message all those who want to take the journey in entrepreneurship are never giving up. Giving up means you have started to fail. Secondly, always look for opportunities because it will help you become successful in the long term.

We hope one-day Khaidai Today Ltd. will be the one-stop platform for food. As we say here, we have delivered happiness, we are providing satisfaction, and will be delivering happiness.

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