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Khaidai Today – The Next One Stop Food Platform
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Khaidai Today – The Next One Stop Food Platform 

Mr.Sharif, a 55 years old man, is seen carrying a heavy bag full of groceries in the street on the weekend. He goes to the local market very early in the morning on Fridays and buys their daily necessities from the local market. Like every other day, he is as busy as a person can be.

Going to the local market and doing weekly shopping has always been a hectic process for all of us. We all are more or less disturbed or tired with the process of going to do grocery or shopping at weekends. Sometimes, we find these tasks too difficult for us to complete.

Works like doing grocery and shopping from the local market, always create extra pressure on the members of the family. Here Khaidai-Today Ltd. is offering a simple solution to all of us.

Khaidai-Today Ltd focuses on becoming Bangladesh’s one-stop food platform. Khaidai-Today wants to create a platform where the people of Bangladesh will know food means Khaidai-Today. No matter what food a person wants, a restaurant cooked or, the raw ingredients for cooking food, khaidai-today will always be there to serve the needs of every individual.

How Everything Started

Khaidai-Today launched its first operation in 2017, Rangpur, and back then, it was just a food delivery app. Ar Aminul Islam Shagor is the Founder and CEO of Khaidai Today. Despite, Khaidai-Today it’s a food delivery app, it has diversified its objective, motto, and interest. Now Khaidai-Today Ltd. has become an emerging online grocery solution.

Starting from scratch was never an easy task for Khaidai-Today Ltd. Just like every other startup, Khaidai-Today had to face some adverse situations at the very beginning; Khaidai-Today was just a Facebook page.

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Anybody who needs food could order through the Facebook page. It was more like Uber foods, Pathao, Food Panda, or Hungry Naki, except Khaidai Today ltd was back then only a Facebook page. People used to do the order on the Facebook page and got their food delivered concisely.

Unfortunately, as the business grew, the operations got more and more complex. Orders taken from the Facebook page were complicated to be managed. The orders started to get canceled, and people began to cancel their orders.

As it is said that problems are the new opportunities, the khaidai-today team soon decided to launch an app and scale their business operations.

Launching an app for khaidai-today was never an easy task for the team khaidai today. The khaidai today team had to face problems like the high cost of app development, the proper workforce to manage and update the app, complete information for managing the app, and so on.

Fortunately, like all the visionary minds out there, Khaidai-Today Ltd has survived to overcome this difficulty.

Lessons From The Story

There is a lesson for every startup out there, and it is no matter what, never stop, even if the hurdle is big enough like the elephant. The only thing that can be done during the tough time is keeping patience, and the rest will be solved as the time passes by.

Present Status Of Khaidai-Today Ltd

Khaidai today wants to be everything of food. If anything enters the stomach, Khaidai-Today intends to be the supplier of it. One of the prime concerns of Khaidai-today Ltd is grocery. Khaidai-Today Ltd wants to become the leading online grocery store throughout Bangladesh.

Khaidai-Today Ltd has added another dimension to the e-commerce sector of Bangladesh. It is well known that the market for e-commerce in our country is premature.

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During the pandemic era of covid-19, the e-commerce sector has gained popularity more than ever before, not only in our country but also worldwide. Khaidai-Today Ltd has added another dimension to the eCommerce sector of Bangladesh.

There are only a few e-commerce channels of grocery items, and Khaidai-Today Ltd is one of them. Khaidai-Today Ltd has served almost 50,000 customers. Right now, Khaidai-Today Ltd is continuing its operation in nine districts.

Future Prospects of Khaidai-Today Ltd.

As mentioned earlier, Khaidai-Today Ltd. wants to become everything about food. Their prime focus is on becoming the countries’ largest online grocery delivery store.

In Bangladesh, adulterated foods are one of the most significant problems. People of different classes and casts are more or less concerned with the issue of adulterated food. Foods can be degraded in various ways. Some foods can be toxic because of the overuse of pesticides; some foods can be contaminated due to lack of ideal storage.

Khaidai-Today Ltd is working on bringing the safest food possible to the doorsteps of customers. Khaidai-Today Ltd. also focuses on giving our fathers rest in every Friday morning from doing their grocery. Khaidai-Today Ltd also has a medicine shop. So, they are too. They are working on scaling up their medicine shop.

Khaidai-Today Ltd. wants to create the largest food and grocery supply chain across the country by bringing Up Subscription model, hubs to serve the b2b,32 districts by 2022.

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