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Kune Raises Pre-seed Funding Worth $1M For Its Ready-to-eat Meals Services
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Kune Raises Pre-seed Funding Worth $1M For Its Ready-to-eat Meals Services 

A most recent food-tech startup in Kenya, Kune, has stroked with wonder to the world by collecting a generous amount of pre-seed funding. They have been building a new food model for the food lovers in Kenya that are affordable, tastier, and healthier.

Currently, they have hit the market with the announcement of raising $1M worth of pre-seed funding. The goal is to deliver fresh and healthy foods to the people in Kenya at the most reasonable price.

Kune Raises Pre-seed Funding Worth $1m

Kune is a food-tech startup located in Nairobi, Kenya, and has been founded for only six months with a mission to provide tasty, convenient, and most affordable meals to its people. The founder of Kune, Robin Reecht, started the company in the first place as there was a scarcity of quality meals in Kenya at a reasonable price.

Kune managed to raise a pre-seed fund worth $1M for its ready-to-eat meal service. The pre-seed round was led by Pan-African venture capital firm Launch Africa Ventures. Century Oak Capital GmbH and Consonance also participated, with Pariti, an ecosystem management firm, making a contribution.

At first, Kune began their journey with a ready waitlist of 50 customers in a specific office space, and their plans were already in motion. Kune sold over 500 meals where each meal cost $4 on average. Eventually, they made a customer base from 50 to 150, which was a great achievement at the initial level.

All of a sudden, Kune successfully earned its fame and popularity all over the country and people were really excited about it. This helped the company to raise $50,000 from their customers. But gradually, the demand started to extend to a great extent and it became difficult for Kune to maintain its quality with limited resources.

So, to keep pace with the incoming orders, Kune spent the following months reshaping the company, hiring new employees, and constructing a factory capable of producing 5,000 meals per day. With the same level of excitement from customers and investors, Kune also managed to raise funding at a remarkable amount within such a short period.

Kune also applied a hybrid business model, a fusion of cloud and dark kitchen concepts. Kune meals are prepared and boxed in its factory before being delivered to online, retail, and business clients.

To execute their goal at a greater level, Kune has planned to launch their company completely in August. They are intending to make people’s life easier with a mission to deliver food on an average of 30 minutes daily. The ultimate aim is to build a huge team to provide quality food to mass people in Kenya at an affordable rate.

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