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Light Castle Partners| Business Consulting Firm In Bangladesh

Light Castle Partners| Business Consulting Firm In Bangladesh 

o you know that nine out of ten startups fail within the seed stage? The amount sounds frightening. New startups fail thanks to a scarcity of proper guidelines.

In our country, many organizations are providing this much-needed service to young entrepreneurs. Light Castle Partners is one among the foremost popular among these. It is a business consulting firm in Bangladesh.

Who Are Light Castle Partners?

By definition, it’s a consultancy agency for entrepreneurs and business owners. At Light Castle Partners, they assist small businesses and startups. They simplify strategies on behalf of the owners by providing advisory and analytics services. While with consulting services, they empower businesses to form prudent investment decisions.

By providing authentic due diligence, marketing research, company valuation, business design, and impact investment consulting services, Light Castle Partners makes the startups survive. They develop crisp, digital dashboards and plan for them.

They also run predictive analysis to articulate insights of the companies. With a good assortment of knowledge, they allow businesses to adopt strategic shifts to drive profitability and returns.

The Background

Light Castle Partners started their journey to consulting in early 2013. They had begun their entrepreneurial journey with a really simple vision – to inspire small businesses in Bangladesh to advance the country’s economy.

Between then and now, they need to be strived to make an impression in additional than 400 organizations across forty and more industries.

The organization believes that the chance for Bangladesh is sort of exciting. Leading by people’s goals and accomplishments, our economy can make an excellent difference in every sector. Additionally, they’re always there to support and collaborate with any startups.

Their Values

Light Castle Partners value three important things for any business. These are simplicity, data-driven service, and integrity. If an entrepreneur poses with these essential values, they’re going to achieve the end of the day.

  1. Simplify:

The agency likes to form everything simple and short. They form simple business structures and plans for owners in order that they will understand easily. They believe that transparency is important. As quoted within the website – stay black or white, and exclude of the grey.

  1. Data-driven:

They make business decisions supported by true evidence. So, data is considered the pillar of it. The agency runs research and analysis of the market, for optimal performance.

  1. Integrity:

They wish to add collaboration. As a team, they advise to be transparent with members. They struggle to stay ethical and morally correct in their thoughts and actions.

Their Services

Light Castle Partners conceive of a knowledge-driven economy that helps companies and lives shift. At Light Castle, they struggle to create strong business models, concentrating on data-driven solutions and consistent value for the product.

Via their accelerator and investment unit they deliver on their pledge for the little microeconomy (SME) and startups.

Although their main emphasis is on agriculture and technology, they will pursue other fields, and move forward. They’ll also try to leverage growth prospects in other promising verticals in the coming years.

Their services are often the following:

  1. They assist to adopt lean startup principles
  2. They run classes and experiential sessions on business and finance related topics
  3. They expand networks with potential investors and bridge the gap
  4. They assist to facilitate capital and funds

Bangladesh’s Startup Ecosystem has experienced incredible growth since its journey began within the early 2010s. With over 200 million dollars in investments, quite 1000 startups have created about 1.5 million employments to this date.

Their Beneficiaries

Light Castle has provided service for several international businesses and organizations. They need been an extended time connection for popular names within the international marketplace.

These are International Finance Corporation (IFC), United Nations for ladies, Care Foundation, Water Aids, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, British Council, UNCDP, etc.

They also provided valuable service for national organizations. Some honorable mentions are Banglalink, Jaago Foundation, EMK Center, Praan, Robi, Aarong, Ananta Foundation, etc.

How to Contact?

You can connect with Light Castle Partners by:

Address: House 19, Road 13, Block G, Niketan, Gulshan, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Phone Number: +88 02 5881 6311, +88 01747 353438, +880 1711 385988



Do you have a business idea? But you don’t know where to start? Light Castle Partners are often an excellent help. Try their service to create your startup carrier.

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