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Light of Hope’s Ecosystem Model
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Light of Hope’s Ecosystem Model 

The light of hope’s ecosystem model is the most innovative and interactive education learning system for South Asian countries, especially in Bangladesh.

Prominent founder of this fabulous brainstorming idea mentioned in his earlier works about the strategic movements, outcomes, limitations, remedies, and so on.

In fact, the idea was taken from famous lawmakers, educationalists, intellects, and social thinktanks worldwide. For developing countries that struggle with severe social aspects, hindrances, and calamities; the light of hopes ecosystem model would be a turning point for their further advancing in socio-economic sectors.

To elaborate on the idea, we’d like to discuss the preambles, current situation, future plans, and nostrums in the following sections. Stick together with us!

Background of Light of Hope

In the late 1990s, the cyber world revealed itself as a boon to society. Everything from regular life to future programs resembled us like a promotor or motivator. In Texas, the kid’s school committee launched a mini-trial project to assist vintage and urban people.

Most of those people are small businessmen, farmers, daily workers who led their life without proper education or development. The school program formed a smart and reliable team that sent them to an isolated area with digital interactive devices.

Major responsibilities of this team were-

  • Enhance kid’s social interactions, connections, and in-brief technology.
  • Prepare interconnecting media among people in that area.
  • Develop a technical support team with devices.
  • Training people up to computers and small electronic devices.
  • Launching a simple, comfy educational website for regular updates.
  • Assuring an acute customer/client support 24×7.

Electronic media tried to accentuate its speed, faster support criteria, and device durability. In this connection, the school program was comprehensively successful. They had faster and trendy electronic devices, software, network, and connectivity.

As the project was ergonomic and esteemed by many inhabitants in Texas, it became an upfront idea known as the ‘ecosystem model’. People often confused about the term ‘ecosystem’ as ecological aspects of environmental matters, however, this one emphasized socio-economical trademarks.

Structure of LoH Model

The light of hopes (LoH) model later took some great strategic actions from the prominent marketplace Amazon. Everyone knows Amazon as an eCommerce site for buying products besides they’re following an ecosystem model like LoH. Isn’t it interesting? 

Another question should come- ‘how?’ To understand these phenomena, we have to look at the LoH model here-

light of hope ecosystem model

A pretty ambiguous and complex model but mostly an efficient process for ecosystem models. Little weird looking because of hasty blocks inside the diagram however this model has easy, user-amicable steps to follow intensely.

The steps are-

  • Build a strong team with intellect, decision-makers, quick thinkers, and reliable.
  • Assign members to collect data, set goals, attributes, and future plans.
  • Regarding these data, define or distinguish current states.
  • Meanwhile, another section of this entire team should identify socio-economic problems, barrings, political harassment, etc. They develop a system to measure all sorts of solutions, instantly.
  • Previous data and identified matters will sum up an entire system input data, called variables.
  • The computational statistics method with data validation will evaluate a set of outcomes. We can predict future modeling or techniques from these.
  • Finally, evaluation processes would bring out an outstanding management system for this LoH ecosystem model.

Light of Hope’s Ecosystem Model: Ecosystem Model in Bangladesh

Due to severe inequity inside the socio-economic factors, Bangladesh is a developing country yet. The local government already prepared and launched diverse projects for a sustainable economy however it takes time to diminish all dilemmas.

In such cases, they develop the LoH model from initial states to the gigantic one. It is an astonishing fact, we already succeeded in launching this model for urban kids, mostly in islands and shore areas. The proposed model of this Light of hope’s ecosystem model has enormous impacts on insolvent people.

Light of hope ecosystem model

This model is classified with 6 major criteria to accomplish current states of kid’s education. A short description of this hierarchical model is just up to follows-

Kid’s Time

Kids have less educational ideas in their beginning. They usually tend to play games, both indoor and outdoor, with friends & family members. Vintage or urban kids pass a lot of their early lives just playing around with neighbors and don’t intend to build their educational starting. It is another part of light of hope’s ecosystem model.

For these kids, the LoH ecosystem model has a great solution. System parameters of this model find out the schedule of a kid on daily basis. Collecting lots of dos and don’ts, a chart is established to apply certain steps for a kid’s educational aid.


Usually, SDP is a set of plans defined as sustainable development plan(s). On the off, we use this as a social development process or somewhat like this. It’s up to you how to call this but in a gist, these are missions and visions of any ecosystem model.

Following this stage, ecosystem models set some fixed goals to enhance kids’ education, interaction, fun moments, and social community skills. Moreover, these measures will help a kid’s mental growth, humanity, and efficiency in any sort of task.

Teachers Time

Not only a teacher only teaches his/her student relentlessly but also he/she can learn many things from kids. Different kids must have incompatible problems or opinions. A teacher listens to all comments, takes his/her time to realize the current condition of the kid, then provides a suitable solution to students.

Ecosystem model teachers should have a keen interest in hearing from kids. Furthermore, a lot of patience is needed direly because of the versatile kids in this model. Teachers should be smart, dedicated, honest, good listener, and technology boosted.


To be precise, this one is a set of educational materials, databases, interactive devices, and overall technical phenomena. Hands-on practices or smartphone apps help kids a lot to enrich their skills, creativity, intuition, swiftness, and decision-making.

From simple alphabetical to complex astrologer apps, every stuff is just available to kids in this ecosystem model. Notwithstanding all sorts of applications are user-friendly and adorable to kids. Easy constructions, easy-to-handle, and no maintenance ever.


It’s a combination of Google and WiFi, GooFi is currently the most exciting and attractive area of learning. Any creative things or sessions collaborate with this GooFi.

LoH ecosystem model creates strong wifi in particular areas of work. After ensuring all device accessibility and availability, we start GooFi program. Urban kids have some unique ideas to create gadgets or daily accessories. GooFi helps them to be more creative, innovative, and DIYers.


According to the famous spaceship sputnik, they have launched an interactive app for kids. An easy, reliable, smart, and guide for kids- Sputnique is the second popular gadget after GooFi.

It needs no internet to launch and learn lessons. However, a huge database system is developed for online users. Kids have to register (free), and Sputnique provides a unique ID for each.

The offline app will store all activities while online. So a monthly, yearly progress report is prepared for every kid under this system.

Merits of Ecosystem Model

Every system must have merits and demerits. People meet these both randomly in their socio-economic progression. Light of hopes ecosystem model has enormous merits, though an upgrading system. 

Clients/kids have the following facilities overall-

  • It builds preschool ideas, knowledge, and communicative skills.
  • From the beginning, a kid can learn how to adapt to the modern world.
  • Smart devices and technology enhance the technical brainstorming ideas of isolated people.
  • Interactive methods are easy to understand, attractive, and lucrative sometimes.
  • Free wireless and wifi facilities for all.
  • If the app or software is crashed, no need for maintenance because a support team is always there 24×7. 
  • The student database system is server-based. So any student can log in and check their progress anytime. Moreover, retaking-exam options are available for the betterment of progression.
  • Not only kids but also their parents get technical ideas about this ecosystem model.
  • This ecosystem model has no business plans, full of sharing illumination to weaker kids of society, especially village or downtown areas.

Demerits of Ecosystem Model

Apart from flawless benefits and extraordinary features, the ecosystem model has some mere demerits due to regional limitations, people’s ignorance, etc. As an isolated area, people aren’t able to realize the pros & cons of this ecosystem. We figured out the followings to date-

  • Due to the sensual cyber activities, people often think of abusive applications and don’t want to use apps for their children.
  • All teachers in this program are the best however sometimes it is not possible to recruit the actual best one. Bureaucracy and personal affinity hampers system management merely.
  • Training up people takes variable durations based on area infrastructures.
  • Local government’s policy demands unnecessary criteria to agree with. Even some area in-charges ask for a bribe to operate the program.
  • Application software is good to learn but kids occasionally get much involved with these apps and put reading materials aside.
  • Without the strong connectivity of cellular networks, wifi doesn’t work fluently.

Final Thoughts

The world isn’t stalling at any moment. Technology emerges in a microsecond round the tick. It is the best time to develop new conceptions to explore the techno stuff through the light of hope’s ecosystem model.

Education is a plus point with the technical background and in assistance with it, our kids can learn unbelievable essences of real & practical life. In spite of having some demerits, the light of hopes ‘ecosystem model’ is a successful project for Bangladesh and some south Asian countries like Sri Lanka, Maldives, Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar. We hope this model to implement in all socio-economic factors, sooner or later.

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